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Beats Studio 3 Review – Is It Worth The Cash

Beats Studio 3

$160 - $180

Amazing Battery Life




Uses Micro USB


Build Quality



Beats Studio 3 Review – Is It Worth The Cash In 2024?

Beats by Dre has gained recognition and popularity among celebrities and fans worldwide.


May 28th, 2014 is when Apple purchased Beats by Dre. The deal included the hardware and the streaming music and is still one of Apple’s most expensive purchases to date.


Now that the Beats Studio 3s have been in production since 2017 they are now coming to a halt and being replaced with the Studio Pro Max but the question is are the Studio 3’s worth buying in 2024, or are you better off saving your money and going with the Studio Pro Max?


The answer might surprise you…


Find out in today’s Beats Studio 3 Review.


Name: Beats Studio 3 

Owners: Apple

Overall Rank: 4 out of 5 Stars



Table Of Contents:

1. Unboxing the Beats Studio 3s

2. How it feels to put on a pair of Beats Studio 3s

3. The good and the bad

4. Who are Beats Studio 3s For

5. Noise cancellation that actually works

6. Get 3 hours of battery life in 10 min 

7. Comfortable Bluetooth controls for wireless listening

8. Who should not get the Beats Studio 3s

9. Beats Studio 3 Price

10. Common Beats Studio 3 questions

11. Beats Studio 3 conclusion

12. Beats Studio 3 Review At a glance




 Unboxing The Beats Studio 3s     

When I decided to purchase these and do this Beats Studio 3 Review I was excited. Not only because I really needed noise cancelation headphones to block out my neighbors but also because I have had some experience in the past with Beats and it was pretty positive so my hopes were pretty high for a quality product.


When I opened the box this time around, It was everything I would have expected from the brand. The box was black sleek and minimal. With a hard durable carrying case that actually was pretty cool for keeping your headphones safe. Included in the box were the following…


1. The foldable headphones

2. The fast-charging cable

3. The microphone wire attachment

4. Instruction manuals

5. Beats sticker


Everything was pretty self-explanatory and I am not one for reading the instructions first. I am down to read them after I have explored the product. So I got to it right away.




How It Feels To Put On A Pair Of Beats Studio 3s

Beats Studio 3 Review: Photo of Beats Studio 3s up close.

The Beats Studio 3s are sleek and smooth. The muffs are soft and feel good on your head. As far as comfort goes these are some of my favorite headphones to use. They can get warm around your ears after long times of extended use. 


At times the build feels like it could be built stronger. Sometimes the plastic feels like it could break if you’re too rough.



Beats Studio 3 Review: The Good And The Bad 



PRO #1 Amazing battery life with fast charging


PRO #2 Very comfortable overall


PRO #3 Decent performance with solid noise canceling capabilities




CON #1 Battery life while using ANC uses more power


CON #2 Uses micro USB instead of TYPE C charger


CON #3 Build quality could feel stronger

Who Are Beats Studio 3s For

Now that Apple owns Beats they have been taking different approaches to how they market to their audience.


Even then Beats still seem to be tailored towards diehard Apple fans and those who are looking for a quality experience for a solid value. Beats Studio 3s also come with the W1 pairing chip that makes pairing to Apple devices easy.


These headphones are tailored towards those who prefer over-ear headphones for a more immersive experience. I personally prefer this because I often have my earbuds falling out my ears if im doing anything strenuous so having something over my ears blocking out outside noise is just more comfortable to me.


If you’re on the go often you will love how the Beats fold up quickly and easily with a durable hard case making transportation easy.



Noise Cancellation That Actually Works

When I purchased these headphones I was looking for something that could provide a decent listening experience with good noise cancelation so that I could focus more when working or doing whatever task I was focused on. I can honestly say I achieved that with the Beats Studio 3s.


The noise canceling in the Beats 3 was excellent as it blocked out any outside sounds while listening to music. Even at times that I had my boyfriend test talking to me while playing music I could not hear what he was saying. Overall it provided a decent immersive experience.



Get 3 Hours Of Battery Life In Just 10 Min

One thing I love about the Beats Studio 3 headphones is their exceptional battery life. Beats come packed with about 40 hours of listening and 22 hours with active noise canceling turned on.


These headphones also support fast charging so if you’re between flights and need some extra juice you can get 3 hours of playback in just ten min of charging.


I only have to charge my Beats once a day and im good. For the entire day. So it’s an excellent piece of equipment I carry with me daily for business and a go-to for comfort over any earbuds I own.


The USB charging port may be considered a little outdated compared to newer models built with the new Type C ports but overall this is a minor annoyance for me.



Comfortable Bluetooth Controls For Wireless Listening

I really enjoy using my Beats for the Bluetooth connectivity and having things hands-free while im working. With the Beats Studio 3 headphones controls were very simple and straightforward with bluetooth to control music, take calls, skip to the next song, or even activate Siri.


There’s not much I would change about this and appreciate it being simple rather than complicated in this area. I also really enjoy using bluetooth for things that would get annoying to have a cord for like working out so these headphones really shine in that area for me.

But just in case you enjoy having wired headphones they come with an extra cord. 


Who Should Not Get Beats Studio 3s

For those who are working in music professionally or looking for bass as your main reason for purchasing headphones, these headphones may disappoint because the bass is not the strongest selling point.


While these headphones are not the most spectacular headphones that money can buy they are still pretty darn good and offer decent to excellent performances in many areas.


For those looking for the absolute best, there are many other pro models that you could get that would be better but in the 350 price range. Like the new replacement the Studio Pro Max.



Beats Studio 3 Review: Beats Studio 3 Price

The Beats Studio 3 price has changed over the years.


The headphones used to go for a retail price of $350 but now for a limited time, you can get it for $160 dollars. 


With that discount, it definitely makes these headphones worth the purchase. At this price with its features, there are few headphones that can beat its price.



Common Beats Studio 3 Questions:

1. Are Beats good in the rain? No they are not waterproof or sweatproof. They can handle a little bit of moisture but cannot be fully immersed in water and is not covered by the warranty.


2. Are Beats Studio 3 worth buying? Not for the original price of $350 but for $180 – $200 yes they are a great buy for the price and are actually not too bad in terms of comfort, sound, and noise cancellation.


3. Can you pair Beats With Apple Devices? Yes, it supports the Apple W1 chip for proximity pairing with an Apple device.


4. Are Beats noise-cancelling headphones? Yes, Active noise canceling for about 22 hours and it also has full listening for about 40 hours according to the Beats website


5. Can you pair your Beats with your PS4 or PS5? Yes. You can pair it with the 4 through your mic cord and the Beats are not compatible with all PlayStation 5 models yet but you can still use it with your Beats with an adapter.



Beats Studio 3 Review Conclusion

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. My Beats Studio 3 Review conclusion. I hope this review is helpful for you. At the end of the day im happy with my purchase of the Beats Studio 3 headphones.


They still provide everything I need as far as noise cancelation. I am no longer distracted by outside noise and feel a sense of peace and isolation when im using them. 


At the moment I don’t see a need for me to need to upgrade to the most expensive set of headphones because well… There’s just no need for what I use them for.  If im going on any type of long-distance trip these would be the preferred headphones for me because of comfort and performance.


The most negative thing about these headphones I could think of is that they are considered outdated because of the micro USB charging cord and the exterior at times could feel like it could break if you’re too rough. Thankfully those aren’t really features that bother me at least not at the time of this article.


Now with the recent price drop these headphones are a much better value for the price and can compete with others in it’s price range. The Beats Studio 3s may not be the most spectacular headphones on the market but they still are pretty good. They have a decent performance for a solid price. And for now, well that’s good enough for me…



Beats Studio 3 Review At A Glance


NAME: Beats Studio 3s

PRICE: $160 – $180

Overall Rank: 4 out of 5 stars


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Have you tried the Beats Studio 3s or have experience with them? Please feel free to leave your thoughts below and join the discussion. And I will see you in the next article! 🙂


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