MacBook Air M1 Review: Photo Of New M1 Chip

MacBook Air M1 Review – Is It Worth Your Purchase

MacBook Air M1 2020

$799 - $999

Powerful Processing Power


Fanless Silent Features


Excellent Durable Design


Only 2 Charging Ports



MacBook Air M1 Review: Is It Worth Purchasing In 2024

The MacBook M1 made waves in November 2020 as Mac’s first-ever M1 chip-powered MacBook to be introduced to the lineup. Fast forward to 2024 and the M1s production continues with the M1 pro and M2 max.  


You may wonder if the M1 is still worth purchasing now at almost 4 years old. In today’s article, I will be discussing my personal review after owning this computer for a little over a year. 


How did it hold up overall and was I satisfied with my purchase? Find out in this MacBook Air M1 review.



Table Of Contents:

1. The Good And The Bad

2. In the Box

3. MacBook M1 Chip Specs

4. MacBook Air M1 Review Unboxing The New M1

5. 7 Surprising Facts About The M1

6. New Model New Charging Ports

7. Its Thin Enough To Take Anywhere

8. The M1 Chip Is Wicked Fast

9. Mirror Your MacBook To Any Smart TV

10. Run Windows On Your Mac

111. Battery Life Thats Better Than Most

12. The M1 Has Superior Sound Quality

13. MacBook Air M1 2020 Price

14. Who Should Not Get The M1

15. My MacBook Air M1 Review Conclusion

16. The MacBook M1 At A Glance




The Good and the bad



PRO #1. Powerful processing power

PRO #2. Fanless and is totally silent

PRO #3 Excellent Design



CON #1 Only 2 charging ports

CON #2 Not the best option for those looking for the most powerful MacBook

CON #3. The 13-inch may feel small and compact for those with bigger hands.


In the Box 

  • MacBook Air
  • 30W USB-C Power Adapter
  • USB-C Charge Cable (2 m)

Macbook M1 Chip Specs 

  • Apple M1 chip
    8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores
    7-core GPU, 8-core GPU
    16-core Neural Engine




MacBook Air M1 Review: Unboxing The New M1

MacBook Air M1 Review: Photo of Rose Gold Macbook Air M1 Being Opened Up

The day was May 22nd and it was my 30th birthday. I figured what better way to add to the celebration than by purchasing myself a new M1. Prior I spent several weeks doing my research on computers, and I ended up going with the Rose Gold Apple MacBook Air M1 2020.


Unlike most of my purchases from Apple this time I had to pick it up from the Apple store. Something felt different about it this time. Something felt exclusive. When I got home I immediately ripped open the packaging and started unboxing the new M1. 


Upon opening the box it was just what I would have expected from Apple. A beautiful rose gold 13-inch laptop was in the box along with minimal packaging and a few Apple stickers that matched the color of the computer. I thought it was pretty clean to throw those in the box. The computer was everything I initially hoped it would be. Now it was time to see if it performed as well as it looked.




10 Surprising Facts You Should Know About 

The Apple Macbook Air M1 2020 



1. New Model Means New Charging Ports 

After opening the box I wanted to get right to it and hook the computer up to my monitor. I was horrified when I realized that the new Mac M1 had different charging ports.


One thing that is important to mention here is that the Apple Macbook Air M1 2020 has completely different charging ports for Thunderbolt USB 4. This is type C. I didn’t notice anything on the box that said this prior so I was a little pissed and maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.


Either way, I had to order some compatible separate adapters before I was able to hook it up to my monitor because the new type C chargers are not compatible with other older model adapters. There also are only 2 ports on the computer so an adapter was necessary for me. 


As much of an inconvenience as it seemed at the time I no longer mind since all major tech companies are switching to the type C cable as a whole with electronics.



2. Its Thin Enough To Take Just About AnywhereMacBook Air M1 Review: Photo of how slim the Macbook Air M1 Looks

The MacBook M1 is very thin at sleek at just 2.8 pounds. But don’t let its slim exterior fool you the M1 feels strong and durable. Because of this, I am rarely concerned about dropping it when I am out. It fits comfortably in my hands and is light enough to carry with one hand.


Previous versions of MacBooks Pros have been bulky and noisy with the fan but the M1 Air is completely fanless. So you can forget about being disturbed by fan noise and heat while working.


 The MacBook M1 is dead silent and never overheats. Making it a great addition to carry with you just about anywhere.




3. MacBook Air M1 Chip Is Wicked Fast

Macbook Air M1 Review: Photo of an M1s Cpu performance vs other laptops
Not only is the MacBook M1 Air sexy and sleek it’s also wicked fast. So If you are looking for a computer that can keep up with you and your daily tasks then the M1 is definitely for you.


The new Apple MacBook Air 2020 M1 is the first of its kind to use the M1 chip. This specific model is faster than any previous intel Intel-powered MacBook Pro and is Apple’s base model lineup. For myself personally, out of all the other MacBooks I’ve owned I’ve noticed a significant difference in start-up time.


For example, I can turn my M1 on in a matter of seconds. Even when it dies and has to be repowered again it will power up where you left off. This can really come in handy if you’re doing important work and forget to charge. Instead of losing hours of work, it can be re-powered and restored in seconds. Giving you the peace of mind to work with confidence.



4. Mirror Your Macbook To Any Smart TV 

One feature that I have always loved about the MacBooks is the screen mirroring capabilities.


Whether you have a business presentation you need to project or it’s movie night with your family and friends you can project your MacBook screen to your smart TV. Simply use screen mirroring mode on your smart TV to project your computer screen instantly. 


While this capability isn’t necessarily anything new to Mac as most of their older models support this feature I am very happy that it’s still included in the newer models. Since many don’t know about this feature it’s just one more reason to add to your list of why MacBooks are awesome. 




5. You Can Run MacBook And Windows At The Same Time

Are you interested in buying a MacBook but need Windows software for work or business? Don’t worry you can still enjoy all the benefits of Windows on your Mac. Another benefit to buying a MacBook is you can run Windows on it with parallels emulator.


Previous versions of the Macbook supported BootCamp because they were for Intel versions. However, with the M1  being the first chip of its kind it doesn’t currently support BootCamp. The good news is that you can still use Windows on your new M1 with Parallels emulator. It makes changing between operating systems as easy as pressing a button upon startup. 




6. Enjoy Some Of The Best Battery Life Possible

Apple claims that the Apple MacBook Air M1 2020 gets around 18 hours of battery life. I can personally say that this is very accurate. As a daily user, this computer has never failed me. I always have some heavy applications open, multiple tabs, YouTube, and other programs running at one time. Yet I am always able to get through the entire day of working with more than enough battery left in my Mac. it’s pretty exceptional. 


Even if you don’t have a lot of time to charge its quick charging capabilities will charge your Mac fully in about 2 hours. Another cool thing about the M1 Air is you can use the Mac as a power bank and it’s a fast charge to any device. So if you don’t have a current power bank your new MacBook will be one of the best power banks you could ask for. 


As long as you charge your MacBook regularly you will never be stranded without juice. Unless maybe you are watching movies for 24 hours straight and geeking with your brightness on 100% then that would be a different story…



7. The M1 Has Superior Sound Quality

I love listening to music and books on my computer so I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality the M1 Air Offered. At home, I have external speakers for my desk and many times I have found myself preferring to listen to the audio through the MacBook speakers. 


I found the sound quality in the M1 to be warm, crisp, surround, and far superior to most other computers or speakers. If you love listening to music or movies then you will love the sound quality of the M1 Air. It comes equipped with 3 Mic Array stereo speakers with wide stereo sound that won’t disappoint.


Nowadays I don’t use my external speaker much at all anymore because… Well, I have my Mac. I also have some Beats headphones. So now it’s just the beats or my M1 that’s really all I need.




8. MacBook Air M1 2020 Price

Over the years the M1 has held its value. The average price of the Macbook Air M1 2020 ranges from $999 new to $700 used from private party sellers. 


Apple Store: $999 new 

Amazon: $749 – $999 used and new



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9. Who Should Not Get The MacBook Air M1

Although the MacBook M1 is a suitable computer for most people there are some that should not consider getting this computer. Like those who:


1. Need maximum storage and RAM capacity

2. Are only looking for a desktop computer

3. Are looking for the most powerful model


The M1 is a powerful machine but If you are looking to do heavy programming and need large amounts of RAM the MacBook M2 Pros would be a more suitable option for maximum performance.




10. My MacBook Air M1 Review Conclusion

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. My MacBook Air M1 review. I hope this article was helpful to you. 


At the end of the day, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Not only does the M1 Air have the processing power to do just about anything I need it to, but it also looks great and has battery life that will put other laptops in its class to shame.


Sure at times I may wish the screen was bigger but because I use an external monitor, and can mirror it to other displays it’s rarely something I think of. I actually find that 13 inches is the perfect portable size to carry on the go. 


When judging the most important features of a laptop I can honestly say the M1 Air has everything on the list I could have asked for and so much more. Not only has using the M1 simplified my life but it has become one of my favorite devices to use every day. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or both.


So if you’re still wondering if the Macbook M1 is the right computer for you the answer for about 80% of you reading this is yes. The M1 Air can offer something for just about everyone with an unbeatable value that stands the test of time.


But don’t just take my word for it…  


Find out for yourself and experience the power of the M1 Air today.





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MacBook Air M1 At A GLANCE


Model: Apple MacBook Air M1 2020

PRICE: $799 – $999







If you have any additional questions or have recently purchased an M1 Air and want to share your experience please feel free to leave a comment and join the discussion below… 


And I will see you in the next article. 🙂



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  • Jake Devins says:

    Hi, as someone that has always been a windows guy, I have so much little experience with Mac’s. But they are made by apple right? So if that’s true they are probably awesome. Would you recommend them over windows? Also are there any models under 500 that you recommend to someone just using it for school?

  • Lou says:

    Great detailed review! Your insights provided a comprehensive look at the MacBook Air M1. It’s nice to see the device’s performance and features discussed from the perspective of an actual user. Your points about the battery life, processing speed, and portability were especially helpful. As someone considering the M1 for my next laptop, this gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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