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How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money

How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money Today

Even If you have tried before and failed


If your looking for how to get started affiliate marketing with no money it is possible but you have to be careful that your strategy is a strategy that actually works. Otherwise, you could spend years doing the wrong strategies. Don’t let that be you. Learn 6 secrets to start affiliate marketing with no funds Today.


Step 1. You Can Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money On Quora

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There are many different strategies and methods when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing it’s not a one size fits all. If you don’t have any extra money to spend you can still start affiliate marketing with no funds by taking advantage of organic traffic on different platforms like Quora.


With all the variety of forums and search engines, there are billions of people asking questions and interested in the product that you have to promote. The key here is finding them and providing massive value. You can do this by answering questions and offering solutions to the online community.


The more value you provide the more you will start to be recognized as an authority in that space. This will help you build credibility and trust with your audience.



Step 2. Search For Questions Related To Your Niche Online

How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money: photo of people asking questions


In order to find out what your audience is searching for online all, you have to do is enter questions about your niche or product and see what pops up in the search bar. This will help you understand the pain points that your audience is experiencing right now and ideas on how to structure your landing page as the solution to their problems.


In the book Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards, he talks about Fred who represents your customer avatar. Fred is always only thinking about Problems, questions, roadblocks, and results. So you must be able to address these questions on Fred’s mind before he gives you his attention and is ready to make a purchase decision. If you can answer his questions and concerns you will have his full attention.


So as you are searching on quora if you see a lot of questions relating to your offer that’s a good start. It means there is a need in this market. This is the manual way and it will take you time to answer these questions individually. Another way you can do this is you can also use paid tools t tell you which keywords are popular driving large amounts of traffic and showing up on first page rankings like Hrefs but this is a paid platform.


If you have absolutely no money to spend you can use the manual method as well it just takes longer and you won’t be able to see the exact amount of traffic each question is generating. The goal is to answer these questions and position your affiliate product as the solution to your target audience’s problems. I recommend answering 4- 10 relevant questions per day for your offers.


Now that you know where you can answer questions for your audience let’s discuss how to structure your affiliate offers in a way that will increase your chances to make money below.



Step 3. Create A Landing Page For Your Affiliate Product

Your landing page is very important and serves as a bridge to your affiliate offers. You can do this by creating articles with your affiliate links inside or creating landing pages with a button with a strong CTA that leads your audience to your affiliate offer.


Most social platforms don’t allow direct linking to a product so it will important to have a landing page in the middle.


This landing page builds trust with your audience and warms them up to your offer before hitting your affiliate offer.


How To Structure Your Landing Page:

How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money: photo of landing page drawn out on a notebook


There are important elements that must be present on a page when it comes to a customer making a purchase decision.

This could be long-form or short-form ad copy following the Aida business model. This model represents important elements that need to be on a page that guides your prospect down the purchase decision and is a very important part of sales psychology. These elements include:


Attention: An attention-grabbing headline (usually based on a fear or desire)


Interest: An interesting subheadline or curiosity-inducing bullets about the product)


Desire: You can create desire by telling stories about your product


Action: Use a strong time-sensitive call to action to ask for the sale


Including these important elements will give you an advantage when it comes to pre-framing or introducing your affiliate offers. Oftentimes this page will have a CTA that leads to your affiliate offer.


Want more information on how to create killer ad copy for any offer?


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Step 4. Where To Build A  High-Converting Landing Page:

If you want to build a free landing page you can do this with a WordPress site or free funnel-builder software.

One of the best free landing page software I like to use is Wealthy Affiliate. There you will get 2 free site rubric websites that you can customize to any affiliate offer you choose.


Or if you have a little cash to spend you can get funnel-building software that will streamline the process and make it easier to get your landing page or funnel up and running in seconds.


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Step. 5 Capture Emails By Creating A Squeeze Page

This way is the more profitable way for you in the long run because building a list is one of the most important assets for you as a business owner. The idea is that you can offer a free lead magnet in exchange for your customer’s email address and then offer a congruent product on the back end to your customers.


Not every customer will purchase but a small percentage of them will and the ones that don’t you can continue to market to by email where they can ascend your value ladder and buy additional products.

You will need to use an email marketing software like Aweber to send emails if you plan to do email marketing.


Click here to get Aweber free for a limited time.


Here are some Important Elements To Include On Your Squeeze Page:




Social Proof

Time-Sensitive Call To Action


If your affiliate offer needs additional explaining before landing on your squeeze page then it’s best to create a pre-frame or landing page in front of your opt-in page. This will warm your customer up before hitting your opt-in page.


For more information on landing page structure click here to learn more about the value ladder.



Step 6. Link Your Affiliate Link The Right Way

When it comes to linking your affiliate link there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. For example, if you direct link your affiliate offers that will result in your account being banned from the platform.


I personally learned this the hard way from a strategy that I learned on youtube and it was the wrong method that resulted in my account getting banned. The truth is there are lots of gurus that will teach you old outdated strategies that don’t work anymore. The key to doing this the right way is to hyperlink your content, not direct links.


When answering important questions related to your niche you can hyperlink relevant words to your affiliate landing page. Here are a few examples of how you can use hyperlinks on quora.


For this example, ill use the weight loss niche. In quora, I typed in best weight loss products on the market below.


How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money: photo of quora example

In the example above we can see that the user has created an article that he attached below. This article on weight loss serves as a pre-frame to the affiliate offer he is selling. When we click on the article page it takes us to a page where he is selling multiple affiliate products below.



How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money: photo of an affiliate page on quora

In this second example, another user is using hyperlinking to a product called Meticore.


How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money: photo of someone hyperlinking a weight-loss product on quora

After clicking on the link it takes you to a landing page where you can purchase the product. In both examples, the user gave detailed answers to the prospect’s question and positioned their products as a solution to the prospect’s problem. These are great examples of how to do affiliate marketing on quora the right way.

No matter what way you choose to link your affiliate offers on quora remember to use hyperlinks at all costs, not direct links.



How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money Conclusion

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing With No Money today. I hope this article is helpful to you. At the end of the day, it’s possible to make money online with affiliate marketing with no money you just have to be targeted in your strategy and approach.


It won’t be an overnight success and it won’t be instant but rather than going into it with the mindset of selling go into it with the mindset of providing massive value. In time you will generate more traffic to your offers and reap the benefits of your hard work.


So until then, guys keep grinding and I will see you in the next article! 🙂



If you have any additional questions on how to make money with affiliate marketing please drop them below. As comments are always welcome in the discussion.


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