Create A High Converting Affiliate Marketing Landing Page In 4 Easy Steps


What’s An Affiliate marketing landing page And Why It’s Important


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In affiliate marketing, we are in the business of solving problems. We can do this by referring our products and services to others when they need them the most.

The art of selling online involves building trust with your audience. In order to do so, you can’t just put a link in front of unknown prospects and expect them to buy. I mean let’s be real… As I always say If that were the case everyone would be a millionaire.


When it comes to making money online we have to build trust with your prospect. You can do this with a dedicated landing page for your product that speaks directly to your target audience and educates them on how your product or service solves their problems. This is also known as an Affiliate Marketing Landing Page. 


Some of the best types of affiliate marketing landing pages are ones where you’re capturing your prospect’s email address so you can continue to market to this customer on the back end.


Since your affiliate marketing landing page can serve as a pre-frame or introductory offer before your customer sees your affiliate offer It is important to nurture this traffic before introducing them to your affiliate offer otherwise they likely won’t be in the state of mind to receive your offer which means you will take a massive hit on making any sales.


Now that you know why an affiliate marketing landing page is so important we’ll discuss exactly how you can build pages that convert below.


Step 1. Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Examples You Can Model

Affiliate marketing landing pages can be simple to complex. Oftentimes they go far beyond the landing page also known as a funnel. The goal is to drive as many qualified leads as you can to your landing page where you capture their email address and continue to market products and services on the back end.


With this approach, you’re taking the prospect down a series of steps before making a purchase. If you’re interested in reading more about exactly how you can map out these steps for your prospect please check out another article I wrote on the subject of the value ladder by clicking here.


For now, In this article, we will focus on the outward front-facing landing page and those elements that are important to have in place when you are trying to sell any product.


The best strategy for building a high-converting landing page involves market research on your product and your target audience and understanding their pain points. By doing this you will be able to properly understand your target audience and their fears and desires. Which will in turn help you communicate with them in a language they speak on your landing pages. Below is an example of a few different affiliate product pages.


Affiliate Product: Tea Burn

Affiliate landing page:

affiliate marketing landing page- photo landing page example product tea burn

The landing page is simple with minimum text and a strong call to action discount. The landing page also has a similar look and feel using similar colors as the affiliate sales page below.



Pg 2. Affiliate Product Sales Page:

 affiliate marketing landing page- photo of product sales page



Affiliate product: Exipure

Pg. 1 The Affiliate landing page


affiliate marketing landing page- second example of exipure product offer



Pg. 2 The Affiliate Sales Page

affiliate marketing landing page- Exipure product page example


Step 2. How To Create An affiliate marketing landing page Starting Today

1. Get a landing page software: To start building your affiliate marketing landing page you will need a funnel-building software or website. I personally use click funnels for my affiliate landing pages because its powerful and very simple to use. Click here to try it free for 14 days!


2. Create a free lead magnet: You’ll want to create a lead magnet where you give something away for free to get your customer’s foot in the door. This has been proven to be one of the best ways to start the sales process. This can be something like a cheat sheet, guide, or product that will help your audience solve a problem. Something that your target audience is already struggling with.


This free lead magnet serves as the gateway to your affiliate offer. In Russell Brunson’s dot com secrets he references the 100 visitor test where he drove 100 prospects to a landing page with an offer for $100 dollars on the front end.


Some customers bought the offer but it was a low number and profit margins were low. Then he added a lead magnet in front of the 100-dollar product and conversions increased dramatically. As a result, people signed up for the free lead magnet and more of those customers bought the core offer on the backend.


In this example why did Russell get better results with the free lead magnet?



Because when you provide value up front and provide an equally congruent offer on the back end that solves your customer’s problems it’s easier to connect with their needs and its easier for that customer to naturally ascend your sales process.



This is a good example to keep in mind when selling any product online. Instead of trying to make the sale first try to think about how you can offer value to your prospect with your offer and what things you can provide for free that solve their problems. Then provide your product as the solution to their problems. Using this technique can make the difference between making 1 sale or 100.

Step 3. How To Structure Your Landing Page

affiliate marketing landing page- photo of a landing page drawn out on a notebook

When building your landing page it’s important to include a few elements that are necessary on any landing page.


Some of those elements are from a marketing technique called the AIDA business model. This business model provides helpful insight into the customer’s mindset in the customer journey. This is a marketing method the acronym explains the necessary steps for successful marketing. So much so that missing one step can guarantee an unprofitable campaign. So it’s important to have them or a very similar variation on any page of copy.


1. Attention: Wave down your target audience by getting their attention. First, you’ll want to start with an attention-grabbing headline. Something that resonates with your target audience.


2. Create Desire: Identify the problem agitate it. Then present your solution as the only solution to the problem with curiosity-inducing bullets about the benefits.


3. Social Proof: People love a crowd: Show social proof of others enjoying the product or service. No one likes to be the first person to try something out. We are social beings by nature.


4. Time-sensitive call to action: Don’t forget to ask for the sale with a strong CTA.


Think of these elements and building blocks on your landing page. You need each one for the page to be complete.



Step 4. Why Affiliate Marketing Pages Are Essential For Paid Traffic

Affiliate marketing pages are important because they become a bridge between your prospects and the products and services you’re selling. When creating an affiliate marketing landing page it’s important to keep it simple. The number 1 rule in direct response marketing is that a confused mind always says no. The more simple and frictionless your page is to your offer the better experience your visitors will have.


When it comes to paying for every click that visits your page it’s vital to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your clicks by making sure that the page is optimized to increase your chances of making sales on your front-end offer and any offer that follows. Your landing page is the entrance to your ecosystem. Like your online handshake. The starting point that your prospect is being introduced to your brand.


By creating a well-researched landing page that provides solutions to your audience’s problem you will be building trust and connecting with your audience on an emotional level increasing your chances of a successful campaign from the start.



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How to Create An Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Conclusion

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, how to create an affiliate marketing landing page that actually converts. I hope this article was helpful to you. At the end of the day building a high converting landing page takes time and practice. By using the steps highlighted above and continuing to test what works in your industry you will be on the road to creating wildly profitable campaigns sooner than you ever imagined.






So until then keep Grinding.

And I will see you on the next article. 🙂



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