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Affiliate Marketing And Facebook Ads 7 Tips To Avoid A Banned Ad Account


Don’t Even Think About Affiliate Marketing And Facebook Ads

Until You Read These 7 Secrets To Avoid A Banned Ad Account


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With great power comes great responsibility.

The platform can be both a gift and a curse. 


I always did like that quote from spiderman. But I also think there’s a lot of truth to it applying to things in everyday life. Like affiliate marketing and Facebook Ads.


The truth is if you’re looking to scale your business FAST then Facebook Ads can change that FAST but you should proceed with caution. This article is for all you affiliate marketers out there. Wanting to run profitable ads for your offers.


Let’s face it. Running Facebook ads is powerful and can be a true gift in terms of customer acquisition and building a business. But with that power comes great responsibility because It can also be a devastating nightmare if your business is built on this platform alone or worse yet if you don’t have any experience with this beast.


A disabled ad account can put an abrupt TEMPORARY or PERMEMNAT end to your FB ad business and that’s just the beginning.


Facebook can go as far as restricting your hardware and BANNING YOUR IP ADDRESS and when this happens for many this is their final encounter with Facebook.


Don’t let that be you!


With the right preparation, you can keep yourself in good standing with Facebook and use it as a platform that can grow your business.


If you’re looking to start advertising with no previous Facebook ad knowledge, then I recommend you stop reading this article and check out the free 5 day lead challenge challenge. This course will teach you everything you need to know about successfully running ads and generating high-converting leads.







But if you are ready to approach the beast, then we will be discussing tips to avoid a disabled ad account specifically with your affiliate offers below.


But First Why Are Facebook Ads Worth Running For Your Business


Facebook is one of the largest advertising platforms in the world next to google.

In 2020 alone the social media giant ranked in over 84 billion dollars in total ad revenue.

Coming in second to google ads at 134 billion dollars.


With Facebook’s unique features like interest-based targeting and special audience features, it allows us to target customers in ways that are not available in any other platform making it unlike any other in the world.


No matter what your product or industry is, chances are they’re hanging out on Facebook. Taking advantage of this lucrative platform can have incredible results for any business…


With that being said there are a lot of topics that aren’t made clear for affiliate offers. I highlighted those in detail below.




Affiliate Marketing And Facebook ads Secret #1:

 Facebook Hates Affiliate Marketers

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Yes, it 100%true. MLM, Network Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing are not the same but with Facebook they might as well be.

So, If you’re an affiliate marketer you should know you have things stacked up against you.


Unfortunately, because of black hat marketers and those who have ruined the space for all us ethical marketers affiliate marketers are thrown in with all the industries that don’t have the best reputation.

Meaning you gotta take extra caution with your affiliate offers.


Why? Because for starters Facebook is a social media platform valuing the user’s experience over anything else.


So advertising with an overly sales nature or pressuring the customer oftentimes will result in a rejected ad.



I wish someone would have told me this when I started my journey…



Instead, I learned by watching hundreds of youtube videos and spending thousands of dollars making mistakes. Getting one ad account after another disabled and then having my business go down for months at a time.


Seriously… Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world and although they generate a ridiculous amount of money in ad revenue. They want their user experience to reflect anything but a salesy nature.


So staying away from THAT, in general, will do you a lot of good for starters on the platform





Secret #2 Fully Understand The Terms And Conditions



Facebook is a massive platform and they take their advertising seriously. To any other marketer or advertiser wanting to run effective ads I really recommend you do too and read the terms and conditions FULLY before running ads.


Breaking terms and conditions without fully understanding policy is a common reason for disabled ad accounts before they ever scale to their full potential. Affiliate marketing and Facebook ads can be tricky


Familiarizing yourself with these terms can prevent you from advertising for an offer that’s prohibited and potentially save your ad account.


For a list of Facebook Ads full terms and conditions click here.








Getting banned can be a death sentence for your career, and it can even put some of the most seasoned marketers in a very bad position.


At the end of the day, It means your screwed… At least at first.


This is what having a banned account looks like below.


affiliate marketing and facebook ads: Photo of permanently banned by Facebook

affiliate marketing and facebook ads: Photo of restricted business account


The thing about Facebook is that once you do have a banned ad account it’s up to them to decide to reactivate it. If they ever do.


I’ve heard horror stories of people getting banned and never getting their accounts again. I’ve even had enough stories of it happening to myself. So it depends on luck and what the reasons were that you were banned to start with.


If you’re lucky and didn’t break any policies you most likely will get it back.

But you also may not. There’s no way to guarantee for sure.


Getting banned is a difficult experience to come back from. This causes some to have to change their ad strategy entirely because of it.


This is why diversifying your traffic sources are so important.


You never want to rely on one source of traffic just like you don’t wanna rely on one stream of income. The same applies to Facebook and any other platform because there are so many changes and Facebook is one of the most shakey platforms out there.



But what if you already have a disabled ad account now what?


Stay tuned. In a future coming article, we will be going in-depth on how to get around this issue.



Secret #3 Avoid Facebook Trigger Words

affiliate marketing and facebook ads: Photo of man about to hit a trigger button



If you try to find Facebook-banned words you will notice it’s not on the front page of Facebook ad policy. Facebook has quite a list of trigger words that will immediately flag your account for a disapproved ad if you’re not careful.


For those of you in affiliate marketing, here are some obvious ones you want to avoid…




Making money online

Before and after photos in weight loss, 

Making income claims, 

Multilevel Marketing 

Get rich quick schemes



All of these things are associated with things that will be frowned upon with Facebook.


At all costs, you want to avoid these words unless you have experience.


So what if you’re selling these types of products?


Does that mean it’s all over for you to advertise on Facebook?


The good news is there are several ways around this. For example for making money online.


Try things like talking about the benefits of the product and how it will help your customer get the results they desire rather than an income claim.


Income claims: will always be a touchy subject and although some marketers are able to successfully market these products many of these marketers have experience with what will work in the industry.


At the end of the day if your new to Facebook ads avoid these trigger words at all cost can save your ad account.



For a full list of banned Facebook words Click Here: Under prohibited content.





Affiliate Marketing And Facebook Ads Secret #4: Definitely Don’t

Advertise From Your Personal Account


In order to have a Facebook advertising account, you need a personal account. For the love of God don’t advertise from that account.


The structure can be a little complicated for those just starting out but it goes something like this…


For every ad account, you need a personal account to set up a business manager. When a business manager account gets disabled usually all other accounts associated with it get disabled too.


For those of you, advertising for others businesses might not see it as a huge issue. But it actually is and becomes a even bigger issue if you have a business page that your advertising for that’s connected to your profile.


If one business manager gets restricted or banned it’s very likely that other accounts that are connected with be banned as well. Many times all payment cards associated with the account will go down including pixel access being disabled, URLs blacklisted, and anything connected to the previously banned business manager account. Facebook will even go as far as to ban your up address and hardware.


Leaving your personal account open will allow you to give admin privileges to another advertising account at the very least so that you do not get locked out of your own business page.


ITs recommended to never advertise from your personal account unless it’s an absolute last resort. Because once you lose access to advertise on this account you will no longer have advertising access on Facebook. Finding a creative way to get back in if at all is where the real stress will begin.



This leads me to the next secret…



Secret #5 Always Have A Back-Up Account:

affiliate marketing and facebook ads: Photo of man creating a plan c on the board



If you don’t already have a backup account it’s a great idea to get one.

One of the easiest ways is to use a trusted friend or family member’s account.

Because it’s not a matter of if something happens to your ad account.


It’s a matter of when.


Unfortunately with Facebook ad accounts being disabled is a common reoccurrence and sometimes your not given a reason or an answer but being prepared WITH A BACKUP PLAN can minimize the impact of this devastating situation.



Secret #6 Launch Your Ads Slowly Do Not Aggressively Scale At Once:


Hitting your spending limit and scaling is every marketer’s dream. BUT… That’s not gonna happen by scaling all your ads at once. That’s a big red flag to Facebook that the account is just being used as an advertising account.


You want to start off slowly and build traction with your ads.


By doing things like brand awareness and page-like campaigns for days at a time before moving on to the next objective too quickly. This is a great way to build trust and scale without having eyes on you.



Secret #7 Where You’re Linking Your Product MATTERS


Direct linking is a big no with Facebook Ads and ethical affiliate marketing in general. Most of the time doing this will get you banned immediately from many platforms, not just Facebook.


Direct linking products are associated with black hat marketing because this method doesn’t build a relationship with the customer and pushes selling a product for your own financial gain.


So what can you do?




Instead send your traffic to a fully compliant affiliate marketing website, funnel, or landing page.

Not only will this look more professional it will convert better and build more trust with your audience.




How facebook scans your ads

affiliate marketing and facebook ads: Photo of how facebook scans your ads


Facebook scans more than just your initial offer during the ad review process to make sure ads are compliant.

So even if your ad is in good standing a landing page or non-compliant website can also cause a disapproved ad.




Affiliate Marketing And Facebook ads 7 Tips To Avoid A Banned Ad Account: Conclusion


So there you have it ladies and gentlemen my 5 biggest tips I wish I knew to avoid a banned Facebook ad account.


Affiliate marketing and Facebook ads are a crazy journey but one worth taking if you want to scale your business fast…


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always preferred to live my life in the fast lane.


Don’t let the fear of what could happen stop you from scaling your business to new heights. With the right education and precautions in place, you too can use Facebook ads as a wildly profitable income source for your business for years to come.




What is your biggest challenge when running affiliate offers to your Facebook ads?

Feel free to join the discussion and leave your thoughts below.


See you in the next article! 🙂





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