Create Profitable Funnels With The Worlds Most Powerful Free Funnel Builder Software

How To Create Profitable Funnels In As Litte As 24 Hours With

The Worlds Most Powerful Free Funnel Builder Software


Looking for a free funnel builder software that’s easy to use?

You’re in the right place! Clickfunnels is a 100% free-to-try sales funnel software with complete management and support.


As most marketers know, if you want to be successful in online sales you have to have the right systems in place. Systems that allow you to guide your customers through the sales process at maximum efficiency. You can do this with a sales funnel.



But building a funnel is no joke…


There are so many options, so many obstacles, and so, so many opinions!

How do you even begin?



Building a funnel is time-consuming and expensive to make matters

worse you wouldn’t exactly consider yourself tech-savvy…



Fortunately for you,


The easiest free funnel builder software Is Cickfunnels.

Within minutes, you are going to have your very own funnel online that’s visible to the world. A funnel that once took weeks, if not months to build, can now be built in the blink of an eye.


When you don’t have to spend your time messing around with the technical aspects of building a funnel, you can focus your energy on what matters. Your business. You don’t need any tech skills or computer science degrees.


All you need is a computer or a tablet or a phone. And the best part is that it’s free to try.




Why Using A Funnel Can Make Or Break Your Business:

Free funnel builder software: Photo of man being frustrated at computer

TIred of building funnels that don’t convert?


Hey, My name is Karrerah and a few years ago I was just like you…

Looking for a way to generate more leads for my online business. Man, I was struggling. Going through the motions day after day after day. I was frustrated that I wasn’t making the money I wanted to make to live the life I know I deserved.


You see, I wanted to leave my job to pursue my new business in digital marketing. Or so I thought…


I had been trying to learn online marketing for years now, and I kept hearing people talk about how the most important thing you can have is a funnel for your online business.


It made total sense to me.


If I had a funnel and ten thousand people visited my funnel then I only had to get a small percentage of them to opt-in.


It made total sense right?


And I saw others doing it.


All I needed was a funnel and the additional skills to start. I just had no idea how I was gonna get those skills. The problem I had was I understood the concept of making money with funnels online. But I didn’t have the skills or software to actually do it.


So first I tried watching youtube videos on how to build a proper marketing funnel. I saw a bunch of people teaching different strategies. That didn’t help at all.


Then I tried googling how to build a funnel. It gave me many options and a lot of fluff about how to get started. In the end, still left me very confused.


And that’s when I finally tried Clickfunnels and the rest was history.

1 month later I launched my first product funnel, and years later created a successful digital marketing agency.

It’s now become my mission to teach others how to build their own profitable businesses online.



So what’s the moral of the story?


Not using a funnel can make or break your business. If you’re not using a funnel for your paid traffic your likely struggling to make money for your online offers which can keep you broke, working that job you hate for longer than you intended.


Trust me I know from experience.





10 Steps To Creating A Profitable lead Funnel Today Even If Your Not Tech Savvy, Don’t Have Time, And Have Little Money To Spend


Step 1. The One Thing That Can Make Or Break All

Of Your Funnel Building Efforts ONLINE:


Before getting started with your free funnel building software it’s important to do the market research on your product or service. Because that will depend on the type of funnel you build.


In the marketing world, all funnels are not created equal and different funnel types are used for different products and services. In the following examples, we will be building a lead generation funnel for a local dentist looking to collect more leads for their physical store.


Here are some good questions to ask yourself during the market research phase:



What is your product? You have to know your product well to be able to sell it to your audience.


Who Is Your Audience? Who is your target audience and where are they hanging out online?


WHO ARE YOUR COMPETITORS? who are the people selling similar products to you? Who are the people selling different products to the same audience as you?


What Type Of Funnel Is Being Used? Know your funnels. Different funnels are for different purposes.


WHAT PLATFORM DO YOU SEE THEIR ADS APPEARING ON? Where do you see the paid traffic? Is it google Facebook or another platform?



Different funnels have different purposes. Get a good idea of what your competition is doing so you have a good base of where to start.


If you don’t know where to start It can always be helpful to type the product into google and see what comes up. This process is also known as funnel hacking.


For example, If a large part of the market is using webinar funnels for a particular product, it’s a good indicator that webinar funnels are what is working in the market right now and you want to model success.



Step 2. Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

Aka Traffic Temperature:

Free funnel builder software: photo of thermostat


The second thing you gotta know before creating any funnel is the traffic temperature of those customers. Knowing your traffic temp is just as important as any other step in the building process.


Your goal is to match your product with the right traffic temperature.


Here’s what I mean. Traffic can be segmented by these categories.


1. Cold Traffic

2. Warm Traffic

3. Hot Traffic


Each and every customer that comes in contact with your brand will be in a different state of mind. For those people, you want to tailor your message accordingly. One message will not work for all customers.


Cold Traffic = Those who have never heard of your product or message before.


Warm traffic = Those who have seen your ads and have clicked add to cart or have high engagement.



Hot Traffic = Those who are on your email lists and are ascending your value ladders.


So Is it cold traffic warm traffic or hot?


The message that each of these customers receives in your funnel is gonna be dependent on their traffic temperature. The hotter that traffic the shorter the bride needed to create from your offer to that audience.


Want More Info On This Topic?


Click Here to get secrets For an unfair advantage about the secret funnels used to grow online businesses.



For our dentist example, our traffic is cold – WARM traffic.

Since we are dealing with lead generation and introducing those who have never heard of our brand before.





Step 3. Map Out The Value Ladder For Your Funnel.


There’s a lot of confusion around the value ladder. To simplify things I like to think of it like this…


“The products or services that will help your customers ascend in their journey”


The value ladder helps you map out your strategy that provides the maximum amount of value at each step to each customer that moves through your sales process. Aka your funnel. The higher they ascend up your ladder the more value you provide.


For example, In our lead generation funnel, our goal is to get a lead. In order to get that lead, we need to start by giving something of value in return for the customer’s email address.


If we were to write it out on a whiteboard the process would look something like this…


 Free funnel builder software: photo of the dentist value ladder



This photo of the value ladder can be applied to any business that wants to collect leads.



In our dentist funnel, there are many different products or services we could give away to add value while achieving the first goal of getting our customers in the door. Some of these things include…



1. Free teeth whitening kit.

2. Free Teeth Cleaning

3. Free teeth whitening 

4. And many more.


In this example, we’re gonna go with a free teeth cleaning as a free lead magnet in exchange for their email. When the customer comes into the store they start to ascend the value ladder and may leave with dental work a root canal or more.


Giving away free offers is an excellent way to open the door and get your customer to start ascending your value ladder.
To the next tier products and services.


So as you map out your value ladder. A good question to ask yourself is what type of things of value can you provide
for free to your customer in your business to get them in the door? Those things will often make a great lead magnet for your business.


Step 4. What To Include On Your Thank You Page:



As expected your thank you page should deliver on the lead magnet you promised. One of the fastest ways to upset the customer is to take their information without delivering on your word. Making the customer feel cheated and defrauded.


Be sure to include your offer on your thank you page.

Never create a fake lead magnet and always deliver on your promises right away. This can be in the form of an email follow-up or an offer created on the page.


Now that you have your value ladder mapped out it’s time to create your funnel. But you don’t want to just create any funnel.


In Russell Brunson’s secrets he talks all about the different types of funnels and how different funnels serve different purposes based on your objective. I highly recommend checking this book out for anyone who is serious about making money online and wants a solid understanding of funnel structure and online business.


Click here to get a FREE copy of secrets today just pay the shipping to discover the secrets playbook to growing a powerful business online!








Step 5. Get Your Free Funnel Builder Software With Your

Click Funnels Free 14 Day Trial



Signing up with click funnels is quick and easy. I know what you’re thinking, not another trial. Trust me if you’re still reading this. It will be worth your time and any future money you invest.


Plus, You can always cancel before your 14-day trial ends… There will be a link below to sign up.

That way you get to test the software 100 percent for free without paying any money. Feel free to put that reminder on your phone…


Sound like a deal? AWESOME! Then let’s continue…





Step 6 Choose Correct Funnel Type Based On The Products Or Services You’re Offering



As we touched on a little earlier. The funnel you choose depends on the products or services your offering. In our dentist example, we go with collecting emails for a Lead generation funnel. Why you might ask?


Because the goal is to get the customer in the door with a lead magnet and upsell them on additional products or services over the phone or when they come into the store. so this is the specific funnel we will be using for this example.








Here’s the thing. .. It’s one thing to create content that gets viewed.

It’s another thing to create content that sells.


Because if your content is being seen by a lot of eyeballs and not making any money then you wasted your time.


Sorry. I know it’s blunt… But I like to keep it real here.


If you’re familiar with online sales you know how important copywriting is. If not I highly recommend you start investing time in learning how TODAY. Copywriting is salesmanship in print and is one of the most important skills you could know how to do online why? BECAUSE IT INFLUENCES PEOPLE TO TAKE THE ACTIONS YOU WANT THEM TO TAKE IN YOUR OFFERS.


So how do you become a master at the art of selling with your words?


Well, you can…


1. Sign up for Inspire Designs Marketing Secrets where you will get weekly marketing updates on all things marketing and what’s working in the industry right now shameless plug. Or you can…


2. Check out Russell Brunson’s FREE FIVE DAY LEAD CHALLENGE to sharpen your copywriting skills when building lead funnels. or…


3. You can google it and find various different gurus strategies. This may do nothing but confuse you even more.


But let’s face it copywriting can be time-consuming. So I am gonna give you a secret to speed up your results within 24 hours or less!



Secret Formula For Becoming A Copywriting Expert

In As Little As 24 Hours


In every funnel you want to use this formula:


1. ATTENTION: It’s your job to capture your audience’s attention. Get it with an attention-grabbing headline. Based around a fear or desire.


2. DESIRE: Create desire around your product. What is the benefit of this product?


3. SOCIAL PROOF: Nothing attracts a crowd like having a crowd. People want to know what others think. Do you have reviews or social statements?


4. TIME SENSITIVE CALL TO ACTION: Users need to have a clear call to action. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.


These simple strategies Follow a well-known classic marketing model called the AIDA Marketing Framework. By using  THESE SIMPLE copywriting STRATEGIES in your funnels and content, you will be ensuring your projects have the highest likelihood of success from the start.




Step 8. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Creating Your Funnel 


We talked about the products and services in our value ladder now it’s time to bring it to life in our funnel. Let’s build out our 2-page opt-in funnel below.



Dentist Funnel Page 1 Optin Page AT A GLANCE:






Now Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Opt-In Offer And Copy Below:



What makes this landing page effective?


We only have a few lines of text. Our opt-in offer is simple and to the point offering our free teeth cleaning lead magnet with a clear call to action and a sense of urgency with a timer.


The first page is complete! Now, let’s create our thank you page…








Page 2 – Thank You Page AT A GLANCE:






Now Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Thank You Page:




On this page, we’re fulfilling the promise we made by delivering our lead magnet in the form of a voucher code.


Once the prospect gives you their contact information you can sweeten the deal by offering your upsell to encourage them to make good on their voucher.


In this example, we’re using a free teeth whitening kit as an upsell if the customer books an exam in the next 15 min.






Step 8 Continued- Why you can 5X Your Results With This Secret:


For our dentist funnel. The free whitening kit is the lead magnet.


Our upsell towards the bottom half of our thank you page encourages them to schedule an appointment in the next 15 min to receive free teeth cleaning kit at a 500 dollar value. This creates urgency and increases our chances of conversions.


There are many different upsells you can create for a product. For maximum profits, I recommend you have one and create urgency. Not having an upsell is like having a combo meal in the drive-through.  I don’t know about you but nobody wants the bare burger. The majority of your profit will be made from your upsells. REMEMBER THAT!


There we’ll never be enough examples that I can give the only way for you to truly experience the power of upsells is by using them because if not chances are you won’t earn the profit you want to in your business.


A good question to ask yourself is: What is the next product that the customer needs in addition to the one they have already? How can I compliment the customer’s existing purchase?


Adding on different relevant products that help them in their journey is a great way to use valuable upsells that convert.


By adding that simple upsell you can increase your conversion rate by over 500% What other upsells do you think you could add TO INCREASE URGENCY in your business?



Step 9. Launch The MOTHER Funnel



Now that you…


1. Have done market research on your competitors and funnels.

2.You know what type of traffic you’re dealing with.

3. Have modeled success with relevant examples.

4. Implemented important copywriting strategies for your funnel.


 This funnel is complete and ready to test on all major platforms.


Quick Disclaimer!! Be aware of Facebook and Google’s terms of conditions and what your product is. Not every product is allowed to be advertised.


You’ll likely know this during market research if you don’t see ads for your product that could be a major indicator of why so YOU will want to check the terms for your own product. And CYA which means cover your own ass.


Not doing so could result in a disabled facebook or google ad account. Which will have a severe impact on YOUR business.




Step 10. Split Test And Scale (Test Test And Test Some More)


Another thing that makes Click Funnels awesome is the fact that it comes with ab slit testing tools right inside the funnel builder. So you will be able to track, tweak and test the performance of your funnels which means you’ll be able to quickly scale what’s working and toss what’s not. That’s the only goal from here is to scale what’s working.


Failure is all a part of the journey to success so don’t be discouraged if you have a funnel that is not converting well from the start. It’s important to split test your funnels and see how changing different variables can impact your conversion rates.


In this stage poorly performing funnels can often be fixed many times simply by tweaking a headline or changing a photo.


As marketers and entrepreneurs, you’re a problem solver. So when you are not having results use it as an opportunity to learn, problem-solve, and scale.


If your Funnel isn’t profitable it’s because one of the components doesn’t match properly in your funnel. It could be your traffic temperature, your product, or your funnel. That’s why testing is so important.


If it doesn’t work don’t give up. Just do what the world’s best marketers do… Keep testing and learning what works.


The best marketers in the world have to test things and the only way you will know if it’s profitable is by testing and doing a lot of it!


By the way, in case you’re wondering… Ab testing is really easy in click funnels just click on the create variation button next to your funnel pages and you will have a duplicate you can test in seconds.






Scale Your Business To The Moon

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. That is how you build a successful lead generation funnel from start to finish with the world’s best free funnel builder software. I hope this article was helpful to you.


Click funnels makes it easy to get started and with this simple guide, you could be collecting leads and making sales by the end of the night. But that’s just the beginning…


Clickfunnels Has An All-inclusive Software. So you can access all the funnel tools you need needs in one place, which means saving hundreds of dollars per month on software.



Clickfunnels HAS A SIMPLE TO USE DRAG AND DROP INTERFACE. So that you can build your projects with ease which means you don’t have to waste an entire Saturday tinkering around.



Clickfunnels also Has 24 Hour Funnel Management And Support. So you can get all your questions answered even if it’s at 2 am which means never feeling alone again in your business.



Noteworthy Features:

Unlimited contact storage

unlimited upsells on funnels

Built-in autoresponder for following up with customers.


Free funnel building training and support.

and more!



Say Goodbye To Manual Lead Generation And Outdated Marketing Techniques. 

Clickfunnels Is The Only Marketing Platform You Will Ever Need.




Best Free Funnel Builder Software of 2021: Conclusion


So When It Comes To the best Free Funnel Building Software And What

Your Gonna Use For Your Business The Choice Is Yours…


If you take the easy way and continue looking for cheaper software I don’t blame you…


Sure you may find it free but chances are it will be limited and never have all the capabilities and features you really need to scale. Which means you’ll never be able to generate the kind of leads and sales you wanted to make in your business. I know it’s hard to hear but it’s true.


But for that small one percent, the action takers of the world that want to produce massive results. 

Click the link below to get your free 14-day software + Take the 30-day funnel building challenge to learn the EXACT step-by-step method for generating new leads who are excited to buy from you.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




Yes, Join The Challenge Today!!!





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For Those Of You Signing Up Heres What Happens Next:

I will be personally contacting you with my hello and giving you some information about Clickfunnels, how to get help from me and how to get started in the training.


Trust me, this community can change your life but the road to change starts with action. Are you ready to kickstart the journey? If so I look forward to seeing you in the training.


What are some of the biggest challenges you face with building funnels online?

Feel free to leave your thoughts below as comments are always welcome in the discussion.




See you in the next article! 🙂





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