Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii Review -What you need to know



If you’re in the video and film world chances are you have come across the Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii Review in one way or another.


It’s not uncommon to be the go-to camera of YouTube professionals all around the world. But what makes this camera different from the rest and how does it stack up?


Today we will be talking about a little camera that packs a powerful punch and what you can expect in terms of performance from this device.


Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii Review





Price New: $629.00

Price Used: $499.00 and up

Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars based on 231 amazon reviews

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Noteworthy Specs

Auto focus

F1.8 Aperture

1080 p 20.2 Megapixels

Built In WiFi

Touch screen or button option

Dual pixel auto focus

Image Stabilization

Time-lapse Option from camera

Built in Nd Filter

Max Shooting 60 Frames per second


For a list of full configurations and Specs click this link!




Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii Review- Compact, Sleek, And Powerful:


The Canon Powershot G7X is a sleek yet powerful point-and-shoot camera that was released in May 2016. An advanced mirrorless camera mimicking the capabilities of A dlsr Minus the bulk. Its crystal clear 1080p full HD recording and lightweight durable design make it a go to camera for work or play. No matter the situation You can trust canon can get you the powershot.




Comfort in The Palm of Your Hand


As previously mentioned The Canon Powershot G7X is a mirrorless camera. If you are familiar with a dlsr camera then you know this type of camera has a viewfinder.


With a mirrorless camera, there is no optical viewfinder giving you a digital showing of your image.


One of the main benefits of having this option in a camera is the size. Canon understood this well with their sleek design.


The Canon is a compact pocket-size camera that can go with you anywhere and everywhere. Unlike dlsr cameras that are obvious, heavier, and much bulkier to haul around. It can fit in your purse or in your backpack. Heck, it could even fit in your pocket Making this camera Ideal for amateurs, street photographers, and professionals alike.




Simplicity At Your Fingertips


Those who know me know I am not one to follow instructions. Even if it’s clearly printed out on the box. I’m a let’s start the project and get help as we need it kinda Gal. What some would say stubborn.


Whatever some call It I like to do it on my own. When I purchased this camera it was no different. I loved how this camera was very easy to operate and understand out of the box. The user experience was simple and the touch screen option on the screen made it easy to do whatever I wanted as far as video and picture settings.


If you have experience using a camera it will be no problem to jump into this one without the instructions and just in case you need… them it’s never a bad thing having them there.



Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii Review –Make In Camera Edits


This camera comes with useful software to make time-lapse features straight from the device and make Raw in-camera edits. Making Photoshop for touch-ups a thing of the past.




Save Time On Projects With Built In WiFi:


One feature that you will want to take full advantage of is the built in WiFi feature. Taking the photos is one thing.


Transferring them to your device can be a whole different issue. For a different day preferable depending on how daunting the task. Canon understood your troubles with this fabulous design that will save you time and make transferring photos a task you delight in rather than loath.



The G7X is built in with it’s own Wifi at the press of a button. All you have to do is connect your phone to the Canon Powershot WiFi and download the Canon app.

Once you are connected and open the app it easily lets you transfer photos from one device to another in seconds Without the use of cords or connecting. Making team projects and transfers a breeze.


Nice Canon… Nice.


That one gets a grade A in my book.




Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii Review Common Issues:


Battery life. (Not as long as a dlsr camera. The best way to overcome this issue is to buy a spare battery)


Dust under the lense. (Its suggested to buy a 58mm lense cap).


Mixing the picture shoot button with the mode button.


Lense issues.


Auto Focus.


In a future article we will discuss the common issues in-depth with this camera and how to fix them.






All in all I think this is an excellent camera. No matter your level of expertise in the digital world. Not only is this camera small and convenient. It is Powerful and up to date on the best features that are useful right now for your photography needs.


Saving time and allowing for efficiency and productivity transferring photos and making in camera raw edits of all kinds. Whether you are heading out for a day of taking pictures or shooting video the dual pixel autofocus and Image stabilization makes taking videos a breeze, taking the shake out of recording making it an excellent vlog camera.


Whatever the challenge is you can be sure that the Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii can handle it and rightfully so.


I love my canon. The next upgrade from here would be a camera that is 4k quality in the same price range with relevant features but until that comes out Ill happily use my cannon.


If you’re worried about purchasing a cannon don’t be. Join the millions of users who are now proud owners of the Canon G7X Powershot and use it daily. You will be glad you did.






So there you have it all. My Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii Review. I hope this information has been useful to you.


As always If you have any comments or suggestions on business apps that you love feel free to comment below and join the discussion as comments are always welcome here.


We look forward to hearing from you,


see ya in the next article! 🙂













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