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How To Advertise On Google Ads -10 Tips To Make 100 Dollars Per Day

Have success with affiliate marketing online even if you’re a complete beginner!

How To Advertise On Google Ads – 10 Tips To Maximize Success

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The internet is full of get-rich-quick schemes it can be hard to differentiate who is telling you legit information and who isn’t when it comes to making money online.


The truth is I spent years of my life trying to figure out how to make money putting myself in the fire and failing gracefully everything like learning SEO, affiliate marketing, paid ads, funnel building, and everything else in between.


What I’ve come to appreciate during my trial and error is that each and every dollar spent without earning a profit back in my journey was not without a purpose. Because it taught me valuable lessons and gave me experience along the way.


So… To all of the marketers who are still digging in the trenches of online business. I can promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel if you keep going. Usually around that time period of wanting to give up is right before experiencing a major breakthrough in business and life.


If you’re reading this article you’re on the right track.


In today’s article, I will be sharing my 5 biggest tips on How To Advertise On Google Ads with ten tips to making 100 dollars per day for affiliate marketers from my own experience well as giving you some painful mistakes to avoid.

So you can start getting results faster than you ever thought possible in your online business.


So let’s get to it then shall we?



But First WHy Paid Advertising Can Be A Short Cut For Your

 Online Business…


If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing space for any length of time you know that SEO takes time. It’s a long-term strategy that can’t be rushed. Especially for new unranked websites…


This method is excellent for passive income and loads of valuable free traffic but this method takes time. So the question is what if you don’t have months time to wait to be google ranked and build an authority site?


What if your affiliate commissions and online sales were the only money you had available right now to feed your family and keep a roof over your head?


There are many things you can do in the meantime while waiting for your articles and websites to get ranked.


Using methods like paid traffic can really get the ball rolling fast If you have the proper foundation set up. So if you have some extra cash to spend this method is an excellent method to test the water driving large amounts of traffic to your offers faster to see results. But if you are strapped for cash SEO is a solid route to take because you aren’t spending any money on software and ads.


At the end of the day if you want to scale your business fast. Paid ads can change that fast. Period… But it is a road that should be approached with caution.


You can do that by learning how to run ads the correct way before jumping in. It can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


How To Advertise On Google Ads Starting Today

Step 1. Add A Certification To Your Arsenal Free


If you want to learn how to make 100 per day online Google ads is a powerful advertising platform to do that. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in running ads, google has the capability of spending your entire budget. Quickly. And it does not guarantee a profit in return. Just as fast as the money went in it will be gone… If you’re not careful.




So it can be a great benefit to you to be more strategic about things and give yourself the best possible chance of success from the start by getting certified.


And the best part about getting certified in google ads is that it’s completely free. That beats spending $1,000 dollars on an online course.


I highly recommend taking a course and getting certified.

The course is only 3 hours long and you will have your certification in no time.

Which means you will know what you’re doing on Google ads better so you won’t have to waste more ad spend figuring things out from the start.


Step 2. 
Understand The audience You’ve Been Called To Serve


In order to make money selling anything online, you need to have a product or an opportunity for your audience to buy. So now that you have your product to sell.


Do you know who your target audience is and their fears and desires?


If you want to learn how to advertise on google ads correctly it starts with understanding who your audiences is, their fears and desires, and meeting them where they are right now in their life with your sales message.


Once you understand who your audience is, you will be able to communicate your message in a way that resonates with them best.


My first interaction with this was in Russell Brunson’s book Dotcom Secrets which goes into depth on topics like market research, sales phycology, funnel building, and is an underground playbook for building any business online.


If you are confused about this topic or just want to sharpen your knowledge on the subject. I highly recommend checking this book out. IT has become a staple in the internet marketing community.




In his book, Russell talks all about modeling success and what works. Your dream customers. How to build profitable funnels that convert and all the important components that must be put in place to have your business structured online.


Because before you can sell any product online you have to know who you’re speaking to.



How To Structure Your Sales Message


Copywriting is important for any advertising or marketing campaign.

it is salesmanship in print and one of the most important factors that will influence your ability to sell effectively online.


How good are your copywriting skills? Do you know how to structure a sales letter?


If not you’ll want to check out Copywriting Secrets. This book will help you become a copywriting expert faster than you ever imagined. It is a powerful book that helps break down what’s required to communicate with your audience in a way that makes them want to buy from you again and again…


Once you have your who Identified and the sales copy that goes along with that you will be ready for step 3.




Step 3. Create A High Converting Funnel Or Landing Page For Your Product

How to advertise on google ads - Photo of a sales funnel drawn out on paper

After you’ve taken care of all the market research now it’s time to build a sales funnel for the product you’re selling.


A sales funnel is basically a sales process you take your customer through. That sales process can change depending on your traffic temperature.


Most of the traffic that you drive to your offers will fall under one of the 3 categories:





In this section I won’t go so much into what a sales funnel is but rather how and where you can get one if you don’t already have one to save time.

In the online space, there are different funnels for different purposes. Here are a few examples of the types of funnels you could be using.


Lead generation funnels

sales funnels

SLO funnel

free plus shipping 

webinar funnels, and much more


What your product is and price point will depend on what type of funnel you will be using.


If you know how to build funnels and write copy this will be an easy task. After your market research, you will have a good idea of what funnel to use for which product along with some good copy to go along with it.


If you are new to digital marketing and funnel building you’ll need to hire someone to build a high-converting funnel for you and this can get expensive… Or you may just want to build it yourself.





Once you have your funnel built your sales system will be complete and it will be time to start running ads.


Again if you’re confused about funnel structure secrets will really help you out.


In the book DOTCOM Secrets, it breaks down everything you need to know about funnel structure including tips on how to improve your copywriting skills.

Step 4. How To Advertise On Google Ads- Google Ad Keywords

The More Keyword Research The Better:


Now that your funnel is complete it’s time to start prepping your ad but before you do this you will need to know what keywords your targeting, how much traffic they’re generating, and how much money you can expect to pay in the auction.


There are many good tools to use for this information like Google keyword planner.


If you want to know how to advertise on google ads knowing this from the beginning is extremely important because different keywords cost different prices and will affect your budget greatly. For example, let’s say we’re creating a hot traffic funnel for an online store selling exercise bikes.


In this specific example, we would want to focus our keywords around the words that have the most buying intent rather than for those who are just looking for information on the product.


When a keyword is more expensive it usually means it’s a high converting keyword because businesses are willing to pay high dollar meaning chances are they are making a profit in return for those costs.


When possible, bidding on high-cost keywords is usually effective because high converting keywords are profitable and customers are further down the buying ladder and ready to make a purchase.




Are you using your keywords in your ad?

Is the ad relevant and does it make sense?


A higher ad relevance score means you will be paying less in the auction.


In google ads, it’s important for your keyword to be relevant to your ad and the product you’re advertising.

If not you will be paying a lot higher price for clicks and conversions.


Using Google ad keywords in your ads and landing pages is a great way to help keep your ads relevant and maintain a high landing page experience with google.


The higher the relevance score and overall quality score you can attain the cheaper your cost per click will be.


A great way to get the ball rolling with creating ads is to reverse engineer the process and see what some of your competitor’s ads are for the product their selling.



Step 6. Pay The Least Amount Possible Per Click With Manual Bidding

Google loves to make things easy when setting up an account for customers and one thing they prefer is to have full control over your budget with automated bidding. If you’re new to Google Ads this may sound like a great idea because it makes the process hands-free for you. But giving full control over to google does not have the best interest in mind for your ad spend. This arrangement often benefits google more than it will benefit you.


Manual bidding over automated bidding will help you keep your ad spend low when running ads and give you much more control over what you pay per click.


For a detailed explanation of this click here to view a full article on how to use manual bidding correctly.




Step 7. NARROW YOUR KEYWORDS So You Don’t Blow The Budget

How to advertise on google ads - photo of man with dynamite in his hands looking shocked

In this phase, you will be getting ready to send traffic to your ads and deciding who sees them based on what Google ad keywords they search.


Broad targeting can be a good option when you want to find potentially related keywords but when you have a smaller budget and are focusing on customers further down the buying ladder narrowing your keywords will help you to show your ads only to customers that specified certain keywords.


For example, let’s say you’re selling an Apple product and target the word apple in a broad search.


That means that people typing the variation or anything using the word apple will still see your products. Making your ads cost rise because people who have no intention of buying are seeing and clicking on your ads.


To prevent this you want to focus on narrowing your targeting for this product.


For example, using the keyword  [Apple MacBook Air] as an exact match will cause only those searching for this specific product will trigger your ads. Any attention is not always good attention in advertising. In fact, when it comes to google ads you don’t want everybody’s eyeballs viewing your offers. Especially when they have no intention to buy.


In Google, every click costs you money. Paying per click means you can waste a large amount of the budget if the traffic isn’t relevant traffic for your offers. It’s less expensive to start narrow to broad then go broad to narrow.

Step 8. Optimize Your Targeting To Your Most Profitable Audiences


At this point its important to gather data, spend and test.


As you run traffic to your ads you will start to see who is clicking on your ads and who isn’t. After having enough data you’ll be able to optimize what works and to turn of what isn’t.



If you’re having more sales with a certain gender or age and higher cost per click with other metrics you should turn off what’s not working and keep running what is.




Step 9. How To Advertise On Google Ads- The Fortune Is In The Follow Up:


This tip is for those who are interested in doing extra work for a higher return. If you’re not using email marketing in your campaigns then you aren’t making as much as you could be because the fortune is in the follow-up.


What do I mean by this? Well, chances are you’ve heard the phrase that the money is in the list. The email list that is.


Using an autoresponder for your business will help you continue to market to those who have shown interest in your business and it will help you continue to build a relationship with those leads.


Not sure what email marketing software to use?


Click Here To Try Aweber Free For a Limited Time



Step 10. Retargeting And The Rule Of Seven

It has been said that on average it takes a prospect 7 times to see your brand before making a purchase. Retargeting those that interacted with your brand is important. This traffic is your most profitable audience. This step is where things can start to get a lot more fun running ads.


This traffic audience is people who have interacted with your brand before. Those who have clicked on your ads and viewed your offers are a very profitable audience. For this audience, the process of helping them cross the bridge from prospect to customer is much shorter.


This is generally the most profitable valuable traffic you can send ads to. So don’t forget to run retargeting ads for those who have interacted with your brand.


Bonus Tips: How To Know If Your Ads Are Profitable Or Not



1 have you spent more than 1 percent of the entire budget?


Have you had more than 100 visitors with no sales?


Are you constantly in the red?


Eventually, you have to know when it’s time to pull the plug on unsuccessful advertising.


The goal is to come to a conclusion sooner than later when your budget is blown that a campaign was unsuccessful. Instead of getting emotional about how something didn’t perform let the market show you what works. Turning off what’s not working and scaling and split testing what does.




How To Advertise On Google Ads Conclusion + Special Bonus


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. How to advertise on google ads 10 tips to make 100 dollars per day.


I hope this article was helpful to you. The truth is being proficient in advertising takes time and effort. But with the right information, training, and practice you will be well on your way to achieving your sales goals and more.


Want more information on how to build powerful sales funnels online?


If you’re interested in communicating with me directly for coaching in building your online business click the link below to join a live 30-day web class and discover the exact steps to creating a profitable funnel for any product or service online. If the link is still up that means the course is still active but only for a limited time.


How To Claim Your Bonus:

When you join the web class I’m going to offer you a bonus including a special 59% discount when you sign up.


I will be personally contacting you with my hello and giving you some more information about the challenge, how to get help from me and how to claim your bonus.


Trust me, this community can change your life but the road to change starts with action.


Are you ready to kickstart your journey?


If so I look forward to seeing you in the training!



Click Here To Join The 30-Day Challenge Now




What are some of your biggest challenges in google ads?


Feel free to leave your thoughts below as comments are always welcome in the discussion.

See you in the next article! 🙂






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