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How To Create A Funnel In Clickfunnels From Scratch


A Simple 13 Step Guide On How to Create A Funnel In Clickfunnels So You Can Crush It In Business This Year


It was 10 am on a warm spring day.


I remember hearing the birds chirping and feeling extremely anxious as I was on my 3rd cup of coffee that morning.


I sat at my computer with a lump in my throat about to make some client calls.


Everything seemed to be going well in business but inside I was stressed…


You see I was successfully making progress in my agency but the business lacked one thing.



I didn’t have a dedicated funnel builder that could build funnels for our clients consistently.


I wanted to hire out but I just didn’t have the budget yet as a small business. I had to figure out something fast.



Then it dawned on me that if I want to learn how to create a funnel from scratch for any product or service I didn’t need to take another funnel design course, all I had to do was look at the market and model the examples that were working in the industry.


If I already knew how to use the software then all I had to do was reverse engineer the process.




I wasn’t exactly sure… but that’s what I did.


And that’s when my business started to make some serious changes…



Not only did I start to build more funnels. I started to make more money generating leads and sales through the funnels I built.

So much so that I started selling it as an outside service and replicating this process for my clients and students.


Are you too a business owner looking to build funnel templates for your products or clients?



Truth is no matter what part of digital marketing you’re in chances are at some point you or your team will need a funnel.


And you will have to pay for this with money or time. But what if I told you there was a secret loophole to building funnels faster than you ever imagined?


What if you could learn how to create a funnel in Clickfunnels from scratch without having to buy a new course or learn a new skill?


In today’s article, we will be discussing 13 secrets you can use to create your funnels in click funnels from scratch so you can save thousands of dollars hiring a professional or worse years trying to learn how to do it yourself…




But First…


Why Learning How To Create A Funnel In Clickfunnels Is Worth Your Time



Are you looking for how to create a funnel in Clickfunnels the easy way? Well, you have come to the right place.


Otherwise, you may just end up spending an arm and a leg to get the same information elsewhere.



There’s no doubt that funnel building is a high-income skill. Just look at some of your best freelance sites online like fiver and Upwork.


Funnel building on average can cost about $500 – $1000 on the low end if you outsource the work and if you get it from agencies or corporations the price tag is even higher.


If you decide to purchase a funnel you most likely will have to make changes to the final result because no one knows your business like you do.

So being able to make these changes on your own can really save you time and money in the end.


During my journey, I have researched many different ways to build funnels and I learned that most of the guru’s teaching strategies online weren’t really teaching you anything when it came to learning exactly how to do the thing they were teaching. They were teaching strategies full of fluff.


All of the strategies we discuss today will be based on what I have personally used in my agency when it comes to creating funnels and templates for projects.


They are also applied concepts from books that have really made an impact on me and my business.


I have documented the process in this article in hopes that it will help anyone seeking to unlock the answers to building funnels from scratch without paying thousands of dollars that they may not have to invest. This one is for the underdogs…




Secret #1. How To Create Funnels In Clickfunnels The Interface


If you’re looking for how to build a website in Clickfunnels it’s good to remember Clickfunnels is a funnel-building software, not a website builder or content management system like WordPress although you can use it for the end result of all of those things which is driving leads and making sales.


It’s point-and-click drag-and-drop software. So everything is formulated in blocks of data, rows and tables.


This speeds up your design process when it comes to building new projects for different campaigns.


I like to think of it kinda like putting rows into Tetris.


Once you know how the foundation works then it makes building it out much easier. Rows and elements are how we will be putting the data into our funnel.


To do so well hop on over to Clickfunnels, by the way, If you don’t have Clickfunnels feel free to click the link below and grab your free 14 day trial to get started.



======> Click Here To Download Your Free 14 Day Trial Now!





Secret #2. Never Start With A Blank Canvas

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch. Photo of man holding painting of the ocean on a bridge.


If you’re looking for how to create a funnel in Clickfunnels the easy way you’ll want to start by looking at your competition.


Why? Because that’s the only way you will know what’s working in the market.


Success has a way of repeating itself. From fashion to music and history.


Famous American author Robert Kiyosaki quoted it best when he said ” The best way to predict the future is to study the past, or prognosticate.”


Those of you that know me know I am a big Russell Brunson fan. His books have given me a different perspective on understanding Internet marketing and its foundations completely.


In the book secrets, he talks about the importance of modeling success and what’s working in the industry. Using that as a guide also known as funnel hacking.


This could save you hours, days or years innovating and creating an entirely new way of doing things. Modeling what works is surely the quickest way to success because success leaves clues…


So before you get started on your next project. Before opening up the software and creating on a blank canvas save yourself the time and energy and see what the competition is using to give you inspiration.


One of the best ways you can do this is to warm up by looking at live examples on the internet to see what others are doing. Depending on what type of product or service you’re selling ask yourself…



What type of funnel is the competition they using? 

What style is the template of their website?



This will help you get an idea of what type of funnel and template you want to create assuming you have already done the market research on your product.

As patterns start to repeat themselves you will start to get a good idea of what kind of funnel a particular market is using to sell a product.


In this example, I’m gonna create a template of an info product lead funnel. With a basic squeeze page and thank you page. Yours will be whatever you’re wireframe, mockup, or website example you decide to use for your project.


I will be using screenshots as photos only for example and am not permitting copying anyone’s work. You should have your own photos with permissions and your own ad copy text and style to whatever your building.


In this demonstration, we are using the website as a guide to building our funnel template, not a guide to copying other people’s work.





Secret #3 In The Funnel Editor In Under Funnels, Click Build New Funnel

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch

Secret #4 Choose the Collect Emails Option

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


Follow the prompts and select collect emails and your goal.

Name your funnel and select build funnel.


Since we are creating a lead funnel we will only be using the email opt-in for this funnel type.



Secret #5 Select A Blank Opt-In Page

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


In this section, you will have options to choose from a variety of premade templates.


In this example, we are learning how to create a funnel in Clickfunnels from scratch so we’re gonna go with a blank document.



Secret #6 Laying The Foundation Of Your Funnel

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


From here you can edit the blank opt-in page you’ve added. The blank template should look something like this.


You can drag and drop elements from the right side of your screen into the rows to build out your site.




Secret 7 Have A Guide Aka Example Funnel Reference:

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch

This is where having an additional website that your using as a reference will be helpful or a wireframe of your pages. So depending on how the content is arranged on your guide or document, this will depend on how many rows and sections you create.


Edit the page to your liking creating rows and dragging elements into those rows and columns. Clickfunnels has a stacked view of rows and columns. So you can arrange your content by dragging it into the rows and sections you create.


Feel free to get comfortable playing around with different elements and rows of data.  That’s all part of learning how to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch.


Drag your elements into columns and sections. The settings for each element can be found on your right side of the screen under settings in advanced.





Secret #8 Building Your Funnel Out In Rows And Elements

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


In the photo editor, you can customize everything from the background to rows, photos, and sizes of elements. Edit the page as your requirement.


For a video guide of exactly how to build these pages out there will be a coming video in this article soon.






Secret #9 Match Color Elements To Your Funnel Instantly

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


Colorzilla makes it easy to copy and paste colors for templates. This comes in handy when your building a funnel and want to replicate any color or tone. For example if you need an exact color from the color palate your example is using. All you have to do is copy and paste the color to any element you want and apply it to in your funnel.


You can use this for sections, rows, backgrounds, buttons, forms, lists, and. just about every element that has a color customization option.








=========> Click here to get the colorzilla google chrome extension Free 





Secret 10. Finishing Your Landing Page

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch

Finished Landing Page With Ad Copy.

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


If you want to delete an element you can also hover over that element and click the trashcan button in the lower right-hand corner of the element. Before finishing this funnel you’ll want to make sure you optimize it for mobile and desktop.


You may want to use a placeholder text if you’re not personally writing the ad copy for the funnel.

This text is called lorem ipsum and can easily be accessed online.


Lorem ipsum is placeholder text commonly used in the graphic, print, and publishing industries for previewing layouts and visual mockups.


Oftentimes you don’t have to download anything simply enter how many words, sentences, or paragraphs you need. Then it will generate in an easy format that you can copy and paste to your funnels in seconds.





Click here to access the Lorem Ipsum Generator Free








If the page looks how you want it to Press the green update button once you’re done to save the changes.


And that’s it! Now you have your funnel opt-in page ready to go.






Secret 11. Copy And Repeat Steps For Page 2 The Thank You Page

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


In this step all we are doing is scrolling to the bottom of your thank you page templates and select a blank document as you did in secret #3



Thank You Page Example Reference

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch



Secret 12. Build Out The Thank You Page Structure

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


Here you’ll want to build out your page with rows and elements closely matching your guide. Similar for what you did in step 8.




Secret 13. Finishing Your Thank You Page

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch



Finished Thank You Page With Ad Copy

How to create a funnel in clickfunnels from scratch


At this point, you’re basically done building out the structure of your funnel if you don’t have any additional upsells or downsells you’re adding to your offer. Save the funnel step after editing the funnel as you desire.


Before launching here are a few bonus tips for maximizing results…


1. Test the funnel on mobile and desktop to make sure it’s optimized and mobile friendly


2. Change the funnel domain. The domain is either previously purchased or created and attached to the funnel.


3. Ensure all buttons are connected properly to corresponding products and pages.


4. Your autoresponder is connected and firing correctly.


Doing these will help increase conversions and maximize your paid ad campaigns.



This method can work for any type of funnel you want to build. From lead funnel templates to survey funnel templates, to webinars, and everything in between. You can also use the same template structure and swap creative and ad copy to duplicate your sales systems when you have winning funnels.








So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. How to create a funnel in Clickfunnels from scratch. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any additional questions on building funnels with Clickfunnels please drop them below. As comments are always welcome in the discussion.


Are you convinced that you need a funnel, but you aren’t quite sure what steps to take? Click here to claim your free funnel builders cheatsheet and learn the secrets to building profitable funnels today!









See you in the next article! 🙂



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