Kevin David Ninja Course Review- Is Kevin David A Scam

2021 Kevin David Fb Ad Ninja Course

$997- $1500

FB Ad Course Training


Hands On Training


Customer Service


Facebook Group Chat



  • Very detailed course with over 50 hours of video training.
  • Easy to communicate directly with Kevin.
  • Teaches you everything a-z about Facebook Ads.
  • Course gets updated each year.


  • Course order felt somewhat disorganized.
  • Private student group was not reliable with advanced questions.




Kevin David Ninja Course Review-

Scam Artist Or A Social Media Master Mind



The year was 2018 and I was working full time as a promo girl while growing my affiliate marketing business. A business that I was growing since the prior year, I had yet to make a significant amount of money online.


But I was dedicated and in this for the long haul.



Kevin David Ninja Course Review: photo of a sunny day in San Fransisco

2018 San Fransisco California



That year I was facing 2 major problems…


Problem #1. I hated my job and needed out asap. 


Problem #2. I had the framework of my business built but I needed more traffic to my offers. 


I couldn’t have more conversions without more traffic and I needed to figure out a way to get more eyeballs on my content fast.


But not just any eyeballs…


Those of you in SEO know the process can be painfully slow ranking keywords.


I didn’t have a year or 2 to wait solely for my website to gain traction…

I was frustrated and ready to do whatever it took to kickstart the process.


That was the moment I started to go down the rabbit hole of online advertising…


It wasn’t long in my research journey before I discovered an ad on Facebook about a 26-year-old accountant who changed his life with one business model. Facebook Ads.


It was interesting but I was skeptical… I had never heard of Facebook ads.


And like most, I clicked the ex-off button because I was not about to fall for another online scam.


But as I continued to see these ads my interest grew…


Maybe there was more to what he was saying.


Still, I wasn’t about to spend my money on another course.  I was an affiliate marketer…


But Who was this Kevin David guy and more importantly did he have the secrets that could actually help me attract more customers to my business? 


I began to connect deeply with his message and for once I finally felt like someone understood the problems I was having in my business.


Looking back on it now his story and the connection is what did it for me. Why I started this course.


Little did I know that connection would change my entire business…


Looking for a super helpful tell-all review so you can avoid wasting your precious time and hard-earned money?


This article will review every Important detail about Kevin Davids Facebook Ads course from my Personal Experience purchasing the course.


You’ll get The good, the bad, and ugly + the insane bonuses that come with it…



So let’s get right into it then shall we?




Who Is Kevin David: That Lifestyle Ninja


Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Image Of Kevin David

Photo Of Kevin David


Kevin David Hulse is a 29-year-old (well-known) author, entrepreneur, and digital media marketer who is crushing it in the online space. You’ve probably seen him on Youtube or in Facebook ads.


He is most notably known for his digital courses and mentorship training. Having over tens of thousands of students in his online courses and racking up over 1 billion views on all his social media platforms combined.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on the start of Kevin’s journey before fame but it is said that he has always had a love for soccer and a hunger for entrepreneurship that started at the age of 14.  With one of his very first businesses selling candy bars after school.


Kevin is no novice to the internet as some of his first jobs include app development and affiliate marketing in college. After college Kevin became an accountant in Oregon and later went to become a private consultant at Facebook.


As he worked he never lost sight of the vision of making money online and continued experimenting and creating different companies.


Eventually creating an Amazon FBA business that would do over 2 million in its first year and wracking in over 10 million + in sales as of 2021. With numbers like that it’s no doubt that Kevin is an expert and leader in the e-commerce space.



His Mission Statement:


If you’ve seen him on social media you know Kevin David speaks a lot about freedom and elevating your lifestyle. Breaking free from your 9 to 5 and being able to live the life of your dreams.


After all who wouldn’t want to live a life of financial freedom…


Kevin used to be an accountant and hated his job. Desperate to leave the 9-5 and achieve abundance and freedom, he decided to take control of his life.


The truth is he’s not that different from you. Am I right?


Because chances are you’re ready to take control of your life too and want to learn how to earn money online.


“Just imagine what your life would be like if you were able to quit your job and spend more time with your loved ones.


Imagine if you were able to work several hours a week while sipping coconuts on the computer at the beach in your underwear…”


Sounds like an amazing lifestyle doesn’t it?


But is this lifestyle even real and if so what would it take to attain this freedom?


Well, I can tell you first hand it’s gonna take hard work…


I think this is where a lot of people confuse a scam with reputable products.


They’re expecting to get quick results for very little effort.



What Is Facebooks Ads


The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is an in-depth professional training program with over 65+ video lessons that are designed to teach you all the important fundamentals of Facebook advertising from start to finish. Giving you the skills necessary to create a profitable business.





I Joined The Group To Become A Facebook Ads Expert:


After months of researching Kevin David and consuming as much free content as possible, I decided I was ready to see what becoming a Facebook ads expert was all about. The course was spendy and I was thrifty but I managed to save up the $997 which was almost = to my rent and purchase the course.


I said one quick prayer, grabbed my debit card, put in the card numbers and I was ready to go.


Everything went smooth with buying the course and I was immediately taken to the training/ members area.


Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Photo of Facebook Ads Masterclass Logo


I was nervous. It was a lot of money for me to spend but I believed the training would out weight the price. So I went into it with the mindset of knowing I would have to put in massive action.


Over the next months, I fully emersed myself in the training as much as I could.


On break at work, I would be in my car running ads and testing audiences.


I learned more than I could have imagined…




Time Well Spent Putting In Work


Days turned into weeks, weeks and weeks turned into months.


At this point, I had spent hundreds of dollars without making much of a profit back but that didn’t kill my drive… I wasn’t planning on making money back yet. I was spending money to get my experience running ads.


I spent many long nights testing and building campaigns that bombed on top of Getting disabled from several ad accounts but during all that time it was teaching me a very important lesson.


I was earning my stripes and putting in work and no matter what happened I was determined to get results in my business.


7 months in I was still practicing strategies and getting results. Slowly but surely building my confidence…



Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Photo of clock ticking putting in work


8 months passed and eventually a solid year…


And it was right around that mark that, something started to happen…


Suddenly things started to make more sense and take a massive shift.



I set up a couple of campaigns on my computer that night and woke up eager the next morning to see the results.


I popped open my laptop and to my surprise, saw hundreds of notifications… literally coming in by the second.


Wiping my eyes in disbelief I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


RESULTS. And they were flooding my inbox!


And just like that, it was as if the faucet of traffic was turned on… I had a breakthrough.



And I started generating results fast…



So fast that I went from 0 to 10 k in just 2 months. 



Before Running Ads:


Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Karrerah white Inspire Designz before using fb ads


After Running Ads


Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Karrerah white Inspire Designz case study results

Post Examples:




But it wasn’t just me. In fact, I started running Facebook ads for other businesses too just to make sure the technique worked…


And guess what? It did!



Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Case study profit results



The cool thing about that is I learned all about the 4 important elements of Facebook advertising.


NOT ONLY DID  I learn about designing funnels and writing EFFECTIVE ad copy that converts. I also learned how to laser target audiences on Facebook, HOW TO SPLIT TEST, AND  how to do market research for any business.


Ultimately I learned how to become a Facebook ads expert. But results didn’t happen overnight without putting in work.


I think that’s what it takes to be successful in any business.


Oftentimes too many people have a false hope that you can get something for nothing.


There is no exception with Facebook ads. It is a beast to learn that took me a year.


I still have a long way to go in my journey but hopefully, that answers your question:



Kevin teaches actionable techniques that will get you results in your business but you must be dedicated to the process.


So what kinda work can you expect to be putting in? Let’s break it down in full detail below.





Kevin David Ninja Course Review Photo Of Inside Course

Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Inside The course Photo

Module 1. Understanding Facebook Ads


You’ll spend a lot of time getting comfortable with the platform.


The course is broken up into 8 different modules with about 50 hours of total watch time. Kevin will go over the entire ad structure in the course so you’ll get very familiar with the dashboard. What things are called and what they mean.


You’ll also get comfortable using Facebook vocab like building campaigns, ad sets, and ads.


If you confused don’t worry. He’ll break it down and really go in-depth.


When I started I was completely new and At times I had no idea why he was saying some things but trust me it will have a connection later even if you have to watch the video several times.


Module 2- Go From Beginner To Facebook Ad Ninja


In this module, you’ll learn all about best practices you should be using in the industry. From the best in the industry as well as painful mistakes to avoid.


Learn how to set up your LLC properly and learn all about the Facebook Pixel, how to use it, and why it’s so important in Facebook ads.



Module 3: How To create Ultra Targeted Audiences

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world. The only platform that allows you to ultra target your customers based on things like interest, demographics, behaviors, and more to create powerful profitable audiences.


Discover the secrets to finding your perfect customers no matter the product or Industry.



Module 4: Discover World-Class Copywriting Secrets


Salesmanship in print is one of the most important skills you can have as a marketer or advertiser. Also know as copywriting.


In this module, you’ll learn the secrets to writing compelling ad copy that converts.



Module 5: How TO Be Profitable Without Your Own Product


This is the foolproof way to make money with Facebook ads full-time.


Whether you’re delivering the product or services yourself or using the Expedia business model. There’s a lot of ways to make Facebook profitable and Kevin will teach you both ways.


So no matter if you have a business/ product or are starting completely fresh with nothing to sell. Kevin will show you how to run ads for any business or your own products and services making this the perfect course for those with a background in affiliate marketing, dropshipping, SMMA, and many other business models.





Module 6: How To Optimize And Scale Your Business To The Moon


In the final course, Kevin will sum it all up for you. If you made it this far congrats because at this moment you could have a very detailed conversation with any Facebook ads professional. Now get ready to put together everything you’ve learned in this last power-packed information segment.


In this module 6, Kevin goes over Facebook Ads in serious detail from a to z  with 31 detailed videos.

You will cover all the advanced topics like…


Market research


Funnel Building

Ad Creation


Custom Audiences

Lookalike Audiences

Retargeting and Scaling

what cost to run your ads at, even if on a budget,

how to create wildly profitable audiences for any product or service.



Here Kevin goes over all the retargeting strategies you’ll ever need and teach you all the techniques you should be using to run the most profitable from the beginning.


Kevin will give you a proven system that you can be confident to follow.




+ 3 Bonus Modules 


Bonus #1 Get a free Tripwire funnel + top psychology tips in marketing.


Bonus #2 The Instagram Ninja Blueprint- How to take advantage of the biggest social media platform in the world.


Bonus #3 How to use messenger bots in Facebook to double your conversions



Things I Wish I knew About The Course:



Since you can’t have the good without the bad.  Below some things, I wish I would have known about the course…



The Good and the bad


The good:


PRO #1 This course really goes into detail and you will have a lot to go over. This can be good or bad depending on if you’re easily overwhelmed.


PRO #2 Kevin encourages you to make educated decisions for yourself and helps you to understand why you are doing it without just providing the answer. You will not get an easy pass in this course. If you get your black belt and see results it’s because you earned it.


PRO #3. Making contact with Kevin in the course is easy.





CON #1. It felt somewhat disorganized at times with video order.



CON #2. The PRivate student group was not reliable in terms of help for me – Sometimes I would get my questions answered and sometimes I wouldn’t. There’s a lot of people in this student group and I believe some are just there to distract serious students.


At times there are not enough experts on the page to provide reliable solutions when the answer is needed. This is probably the biggest con that I can think about in the course. If you are a go-getter you will figure out how to get the answers yourself regardless.



CON #3 Does not explain how to use a stripe account to charge your clients. – IF you’re trying to make money from this service it’s probably a good idea to explain how to have a stripe account set up.


Strangely for some reason, this course doesn’t even make mention of setting that up. I don’t know if Kevin felt like it was too simple of a detail to include or what but it would have been helpful. I  found this more annoying than a big issue.


You can find the solution for this on many websites and youtube videos on how to set one up.








As mentioned above I really think this is an excellent course for entrepreneurs, business owners, and contractors of all ages and experience levels who want to expand their customer base by offering it as a service or delivering the results for themselves.


This course will give you a solid advanced understanding of Facebook ads. And the skill to perform it at a high level.






The Facebook ads masterclass course has a lot of great resources. Inside you’ll have access to all the study materials and client documents you will need. (except how to set up a stripe account lol).


Kevin provides an easily downloadable pdf of all his students. You will also have the option to fully read the course if you prefer reading vs listening or watching videos.





Overall the customer support was really good and the onboarding process was clean. Customer service is quick to respond to any issues and info is made clear and easy to find from the start.


After signing up you’ll also get a welcome email with all your credentials for the course and contact information in case you have any issues during sign up.





The ninja course price varies from $997 to 2,000 depending on when you buy.


So if it’s discounted I recommend you get your course while you can. Before the price goes up.





At the end of the day, I thought this Facebook ads course was pretty good. It was nice that Kevin didn’t spend the bulk of his videos giving fluff examples or talking about mindset. Kevin got down to the nitty-gritty and really provided value for me in real actionable steps and to me, that was what was worth more than the price.


I started off being skeptical and have since come out with a completely different understanding and appreciation for this course.


I learned exactly what I wanted, but it also gave me confidence in this industry to know I have a valuable skillset in my arsenal that can provide value to others.


Sure it took time to dissect, test, and understand but in my opinion, anything of value will, and if you’re looking for something short and quick it’s likely to be a scam.


What separates those who benefit from the course and those who don’t are those who are willing to put in the work.






So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The Kevin David Ninja Course Review.


I hope this review has been able to give you a better understanding of Kevin Davids Facebook Ads Course, what you’ll learn inside, and what it can potentially do for your business.


Marketing is a never-ending journey of learning with that knowledge comes a price to be paid.


I used to be a saver and didn’t wanna pay. Feeling the need to get the free version and hold on to every penny.


Since I’ve learned the importance of spending money and the importance of getting the answers you seek from the ones who are where you want to be.

To do that sometimes you just gotta spend the money, honey…




So with that ill end with a quote that inspires me greatly in my marketing journey and reminds me of the compounding effects of putting in work by Jacob A. Riss.


“When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter
hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as
much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first
blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that last
blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”



So invest in yourself and never stop working hard, even if it feels like your efforts are going unnoticed.


One day you are sure to reap the benefits if you keep going…




What’s Next:


Now that I’ve learned Facebook ads the sky’s the limit and I look forward to seeing how far I take it in business.


What else I do with Facebook ads, for now, is a mystery and I look forward to telling you all about it in the coming months.


So Stay tuned…



” I’m not on the beach yet in my underwear but I’m well on my way…”

Kevin David Ninja Course Review: Photo of sitting at the beach




NAME: Kevin Davids Facebook Ads Masterclass


PRICE: $997

OVERALL RANK: 4.7 Out Of 5




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  • LineCowley says:

    I found this review on the Kevin David Ninja course very interesting as I have not heard about Kevin David before. I am not currently using Facebook ads, but have been considering it. You do mention that it took you a full year after signing up for the course, before you started seeing results. Is this the normal time span that one can hope to see results?

    You also mention that you spent hundred of dollars during this time. Was that over and above the cost of the course? Did you have to spend more on advertising to get the results? 

    I would appreciate your clarification on this. 

    • Karrerah White says:

      Hey there LineCowley. Thanks so much for taking the time to read the article. 

      Although it took me a year to see the results catapult into what they became I had overall results before that time. For myself personally, I was completely new to Fb ads and working while spending money and learning. 

      It took me a few hundred dollars to spend and I made some mistakes along the way before I felt comfortable running ads for others. (On top of purchasing the course) but it was well worth the spend in the end. Kinda like battle wounds lol.

       I like to be pretty open and transparent about this so that others know it is not a get-rich scheme and that it will take work. I think anyone whos dedicated to the course can see results far sooner than the year mark but it depends on the amount of money available to spend, how much time they invest in the course, and overall experience level online.

      I hope that answers your question a bit better. 

      Cheers! 🙂

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