What Is Seo Keyword Research-5 Tips To Maximize Success


What Is Seo Keyword Research:

A Beginners Guide To Exploding Your Traffic In 2022


Seo Keyword research is one of the most important parts of Search Engine Optimization.


Why? Because If you can’t find the right keywords your customers are searching for in Google you won’t have an audience to market your products to.


Google currently holds 92.18 percent of the worldwide search engine market share. Making it the number-one search engine in the world as of 2021. Meaning if you’re not capitalizing on this piece of the pie you’re seriously missing out on tons of free traffic…


Although it’s a popular platform with billions of websites one might think that getting an article to show on Google is as easy as writing content, publishing it, and bam it appears in Google search for the world to see.



Am I right?



It’s not that simple to rank in Google.



Google rankings are algorithmically based meaning let’s just say… There is some competition to get these pages to rank online.


And it is a fight to the death…


In fact, the oceans are so bloody, few that complete will ever get to see first-page rankings. And the ones that do will reap the rewards of the battle and enjoy a large amount of free traffic.


So does that mean that SEO is dead and that you should ditch your efforts of ever ranking in Google?


The truth is SEO is still very alive in 2021 you just have to change your strategy. Practicing good SEO will make the difference between generating visitors or having your website lost forever on some unknown page of the web…



So What Is Seo Keyword Research exactly and how can using it correctly skyrocket your page rankings?



Find out in today’s article…



What Is Seo Keyword Research


SEO Keyword research is the process of researching and google ranking content around specific search terms or keywords that people are searching for online.


Not only does Keyword research helps you identify your target audience but it also allows you to better understand the problems they struggle with online.


When using keyword research you can start to identify your audience better by knowing the exact search terms they’re looking for in Google and attracting them with content that speaks to them specifically…

In a language that addresses their core desires and solves their problems.


When we have clear information about our target customer rather than just any random person we can fine-tune our message and understand what resonates best with our audience. This produces the highest conversions. Because every product has a target audience.


Keyword research helps us discover our audience and give them a custom experience that connects with them.



So in a nutshell keyword research helps us Identify our audience by finding the exact words and phrases our customers are searching for online.



Now that you know a basic overview of what SEO keyword research is let’s check out how you can use it in your articles to rank higher in Google.



5 Tips To Skyrocket Your Page Rankings

 What Is Seo Keyword Research: Photo of SEO keyword research steps

Photo Of Seo Keyword Research Steps


1. Why Market Research Can Make Or Break Your Efforts Online


Market research is a really important and often overlooked first step in the process of SEO keyword research.


Russell Brunson emphasizes the importance of market research in his book dot.com Secrets which shed powerful insight into the systems and processes of online marketing.


When using market research your studying your competition and seeing live relevant examples of what’s working. This can be applied to paid and organic traffic channels.


It saves time and money by giving you the highest probability of creating something successful from the start.



How to Use Market Research In Your Marketing Campaigns:


After you have a product or know what you’re gonna be writing about you can spy on your competition by searching the product or search term directly into Google. By doing this you will be able to see other websites that have first page rankings about the product already.


These people are the ones YOU will be competing with for rankings. Giving you an idea of what the market has already produced.


For example, let’s say you’re writing a review about the “best snowboarding brands”


We’ll type it into Google search below:



What Is Seo Keyword Research: Photo of market research example

 Seo Keyword Research example looking up the keyword word best snowboard pants


In this example, the websites below the paid traffic are all websites with first page rankings 2nd page, and so on. If you’re doing SEO then you would want to study a handful of these examples.



Try asking yourself questions like…



What kind of copy are they using?


Did they have any good points?


Is it a sales page or a review?


What type of products are they offering?


What happens on the next page of their website?



All of these questions and examples will help give you an idea of what you want to create as well as show you what you are up against.


The goal is to take examples of what’s working in the industry, get your wheels spinning, and create a better version of the examples you studied.


It’s important to know that these should only be used as inspiration. I never mean to copy another creator’s work as this is both wrong and illegal.


No matter what the project is you never wanna start from a blank canvas. There are so many great examples in the industry there’s no reason to. The best marketers in the industry study their competition.


Doing this will give you a really good base and a much higher success rate for any project your starting with.



2. The Best Tools In The Industry For Keyword Research


Now that you’ve researched your competition and have a good idea of what is working in the industry it’s time to find some great keywords to target! You can do this by typing in your product/keyword ideas into Jaxxy.


If you don’t have a keyword tool:

Get Your Free Copy Of Jaxxy Here.

This is the software I personally use for all my keyword research…


In this example, we’ll continue with the snowboarding topic.


Let’s say we are considering writing a product review about some of the best brands for our snowboarding website below.


keyword = “best snowboarding brands”


What Is Seo Keyword Research: Keyword search example


Jaxxy will provide an in-depth analysis of the word giving metrics like:


Avg: Average monthly traffic for the word.


Traffic: Average monthly traffic to your website if you were to achieve first-page rankings.


QSR: How many competitors are competing for the same word. 

And more!



In this example “best snowboarding brands” gets 265 average searches and 101 competitors so this would be a great possibility to consider narrowing in on.


I highly recommend using Jaxxy. It’s free and will give you much more valuable detailed analytics.


Other Free Resources to get information on keywords:


Google Trends

Google Keyword Planner

Google Search Console




You can also get information by searching similar search terms in google trends for locations on where the general traffic is coming from. You’ll also see other similar keywords to give you ideas.


Doing this will give you an idea of what states have the highest search rate and volume.


Although Google Trends can help with certain information it lacks the ability to give you all the information without complicating things.


Information like the exact amount of competing websites for the same keyword, search volume, and index ranking. This is where Jaxxy really comes in handy. With it, this information is really useful and centralized in one place to help you take advantage of keywords you can easily rank for.



Click Here To Get Your Free Copy Of Jaxxy Today!


3. How To Target The Right Keywords

What Is Seo Keyword Research: Photo of dart hitting bullseye


One of the second most important parts of SEO keyword research is targeting your keywords correctly.


You can do this by aiming for the right amount of competition.


As a general rule, it’s good to go for a keyword with about 100 searches and under 100 competition for new websites to have a chance is ranking. Anything over that and you’ll be competing in red oceans where the sharks are bigger and there’s a lot more competition.


What if the competition is just too high for the keyword you want to use?



That brings us to the next tip below…






4. What Is Seo Keyword Research:

Why Longtail Keywords Are Your Friend


In the world of SEO, too much competition is definitely a bad thing.


Too much competition will have your content buried and oftentimes undiscoverable for the audience it was intended to reach.


Studies show the average Google search doesn’t go past the 3rd page.


So unfortunately if your contents on page 73 or 80 you don’t have very good odds of ever being seen by many.


Let’s be real… Are you gonna scroll through 73 pages on Google?


What a waste of time that would be to create content that never generates any traffic…


Thankfully you can avoid this mistake and give yourself the best chances of traffic from the start and that’s by using long-tail keywords.


By doing this you’re ditching the bloody red oceans for clear blue oceans and are able to profit by grabbing low-hanging fruit ranking for words with less competition.


To use longtail keywords you’re basically getting more specific with your search terms. As you get more specific with search terms oftentimes you’ll have less competition for those keywords. Giving you an even better opportunity to rank for those pages.


For example, we can continue with our previous example of “best snowboarding brands”.



Although it could be possible to rank for this keyword it has just over the recommended monthly search volume with

246 / 101 monthly competitors.





To get more specific with this keyword let’s try a search term a little more specific like the keyword below…


” best snowboard brand beginners “







As you can see “best snowboard brand beginners” has way less search competition than “best snowboard brands”.


So naturally, if this was our keyword it would make sense to target the example that has less competition.


This would be an excellent option to target for a long-tail keyword.




5. How To Do Keyword Research In Seo:

Common Mistakes To Avoid

What Is Seo Keyword Research: Photo of spider man reading on a building top



Don’t Guess What To Create Without Doing Research: It’s always good to have a strategy and study your competition with market research.


The best defense is a good offense. Guessing and crossing your fingers creating anything to throw at the market wastes valuable time and money. The goal is to become profitable as soon as possible.


Don’t Target Too Many Keywords Per Page: Industry standard recommends no more than 3 keywords per page. Anything more can make it difficult to rank for.


Start Slow: Seo takes time. Continue to build on ranking articles and set a goal of producing quality content weekly. Google prefers websites that show they can offer valuable content on a regular basis.




What Is Seo Keyword Research: My Final Opinion


So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. What Is Seo keyword Research, 5 tips you can do to achieve better rankings today, and some of the best resources you can use for your keyword research.

I hope this article was helpful to you.


At the end of the day, SEO keyword research is necessary to ever have your website show organically in search engines.


There is no magic button to rank in Google. SEO takes time but passive income is not an instant money-making strategy.


Instead, Seo has a compounding effect that gains traction over time as your website matures and becomes a source of information that Google can trust.


By using proper keyword research and techniques from the start you’ll give your website the best possible chance of achieving first page rankings and generating a steady stream of traffic online.



What are some of the biggest challenges you face with SEO Keyword research?


Feel free to leave your thoughts below as comments are always welcome in the discussion.


See you in the next article! đź™‚




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