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Outsourcing In Marketing 4 Tips To Maximize Success

Outsourcing In Marketing Overview:


There is no denying Affiliate marketers do a lot of work. Spending countless hours creating websites, writing content, SEO, keyword research, creating sales funnels, running ads, and so much more! If you are self-employed you may be looking for a way to lighten the workload while continuing to scale your business.


Outsourcing is a great concept that can allow you to bridge the gap between business and clients while focusing on your strengths.


Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with learning new things. I encourage that every day in life but providing the all in one do it yourself package can be time-consuming, draining, and at a certain point in your business not very cost-effective…


Need a logo for your client or YouTube art for your channel? You can outsource the work for that.


In fact, many freelancers all over the world are open and willing to help you with a wide variety of projects.


In Today’s article, we will be discussing 4 tips for successful outsourcing in marketing. Ultimately helping you scale your business to new heights and focus your time and energy where it’s needed most.


#1. Outsourcing In marketing – Start With A Reputable Outsourcing Site:

Outsourcing in marketing from fiver website


There are many places to hire freelancers for outsourcing in marketing. I recommend going with a well-known reputable source. An example of this would be websites like or


Now just because you are using these sites doesn’t mean you can’t get ripped off because you can so I cannot emphasize enough to still use caution by doing your research.


My personal favorite is after being recommended by Kevin David in his Facebook ads course for a new graphic designer for my business. The graphic designer that I hired is one of my favorite designers that I still use today.






The process was very simple and straightforward. Freelancers offer a wide range of services. Including Digital marketing, graphic design, writing, programming, video animation, business services and many more for any business need.


Like Yelp, Fiver gives freelancers the opportunity to showcase their portfolio with pictures of their work and reviews from previous customers. I recommend going with someone who has work history and lots of reviews so you can see what others have to say about their work and skill. I will usually pick someone with a high amount of customers and reviews as opposed to a high review rating and few customers.


During this time you can message freelancers about any questions you may have.



#2. Communication Is Key Share Your Vision Paint The Picture:


Many freelance gigs start at 5 dollars a logo and up. An excellent starting price for the budget-friendly entrepreneur.


The freelancer makes the asking price. So It ends up being a fair trade off because they make the amount of money their happy with and you also pay the amount of money your happy with and that usually equals less than you would be spending anywhere else.


Communicating your plans and visions for business and how you plan to work with your freelancer are essential for keeping everyone in the loop. This is a good time to consider setting up Skype calls to have a face-to-face conversation in the interview process to cover any important questions.


For candidates outside the US, I recommend making sure language is not a barrier so that you both can communicate effectively your wants, needs, and expectations. Let them know If you want them to use their imagination, or if you have concrete plans for how you want the project to be.


Here are some good questions to keep in mind during the interview process.outsourcing in marketing notebook for organization

  • What are the qualities you want in a team member?
  • Can this person follow instructions?
  • Can they work with little supervision?
  • Can you understand each other clearly?
  • Are they dependable and capable of performing the result desired?



This is your business so make sure the person you’re interviewing is someone you want to work with.

Once you find someone your comfortable with you go ahead and enter your card information to complete the purchase. The only way you can do this is by diving in…


Once payment is complete you will be given steps to explain again in detail what your vision is for the project. You’re usually given about 48 hours before the project is complete and have an unlimited amount of revisions.


You will be sent test samples of the project along the way to verify it to your liking before completion.


IF there is a need for an adjustment don’t worry most freelancers are happy and willing to make the change at no additional cost.


#3. Think About the Small Things Time Zone Matters:


Depending on which part of the world your candidate will be working time zone can make or break the business. Do you need work complete by a firm deadline for customers? Consider the response time and overall workflow for your business. Are you pushing out content when your designer or editor is sleeping or vice versa as this could really affect productivity.


Thinking about your business goals long term will serve you well moving forward.



#4. Laying Out the Foundation For Your Team

outsourcing in marketing full agency team



So you found a freelancer that did a great job. Congratulations! Having people you can count on that do great work in your company is always a plus. If this is someone you want to work with long term this is just the beginning of your journey.


You can continue to add freelancers to your book of business till you grow and scale your company to whatever depth you desire. With outsourcing, it’s possible to create a team and grow your business. Even if those individuals are all around the world.



At the end of the day no matter what we’re trying to accomplish in life we need other people. I think its important to recognize this fact. There is no business that can thrive on 1 individual alone.


Outsourcing in marketing provides a powerful way to expand your business, increase revenue for all parties, and free up more time for you to enjoy life’s blessings. After all that’s why you went into business for yourself isn’t it?


Allen F. Morgenstern once said “Work smarter… not harder”.


If you have read this far I hope it’s safe to say that you agree…



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  • Shellykh says:

    Thank you for these helpful tips. Im a new as affiliate marketer so any tips would help. I like the first suggestion especially. Im putting out as many content as I can but I dont see it possible to post wuality content everyday, so hiring a writer would certainly help alot. I’ll try upwork and fiver as you suggested.

  • Hey there Shellykh! No problem. Yes when you are comfortable outsourcing will save you so much time and allow you to really scale your business quickly. I wish you the best of luck to you in your online journey. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by the page.

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