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The Wealthy Affiliate University Review – What You Can Expect

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Your Just One Idea Away From A 6 Figure Business Online


You’re about to discover a secret to online success…


For myself personally, this secret starts with Wealthy Affiliate.


For those of you who may not be familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s an online marketing university. A community of entrepreneurs dedicated to learning the skills necessary in building a successful online business.


When I first stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate it almost came about by an accident.


I was google searching information on AWOL academy and wealthy affiliate popped up as the more financially feasible option. I remember feeling a rush of excitement. Not only because I could actually afford the online training (AWOL Academy was 10k) but because The business model made sense to me.


After a few days of research and watching videos, I was hooked on the info and eventually left with no other option but to make a decision. I hovered over the purchase button for what felt like hours… I wasn’t fully sure what I was getting into. But so far I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.


I was in a dark place in my career and personal life. I recently left a job of 4 years that made me deeply unhappy. It was time to make a serious change in my life. I couldn’t take living one more year of repeated predictable unhappiness.


I was ready to live at whatever cost that meant.

Even if it meant risking it all for what I believed in.


So I jumped…


If you’re reading this article maybe you’re considering a similar jump yourself. Wondering if there is really such thing as making money online. In Today’s article, I’ll be giving you my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate and what some of the benefits are for premium members in this Wealthy Affiliate University Review.




Wealthy Affiliate: Instantly Connect With A Network

Of Over 1.4 Million Elite Affiliate Marketers


Upon joining the Wealthy Affiliate University I was pumped. It’s nice to be around people who have the same goal in mind. Success is contagious at WA.


You have Instant access to a live chat on the platform. After logging in and seeing others regularly in the chat or live session strangers become friends with a network of support. I am encouraged still every day by reading stories and seeing others rise to great success.


The friends that I have met in the community have been an honor. Being around so many ambitious individuals makes you want to work harder. The community will add fuel to your fire.


Learn Affiliate Marketing With An Industry Leading Education


Wealthy Affiliate comes with a wealth of information including 2 extensive courses. To take you from beginner to business-ready. As a premium member, you have access to the following courses.


  • 5 phase 50 course entrepreneur certification.
  • 7 course 70 lesson affiliate boot camp. These courses are excellent and cover a wide variety of information. They are also goal-based courses so you can check off goals while building your business.


In addition to the value in courses, you also have access to live events every Friday with industry leaders to keep yourself up to date with industry trends. The live training also comes with an open Q&A session at the end.


The live training is probably the most powerful part of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not mandatory to take them but I highly recommend taking advantage of this. It will be a shortcut that will give you an advantage in building your business.



Wealthy Affiliate Makes Learning How To Build

A Business So Much Easier

the wealthy affiliate university


When you want to learn to do something you can either take the advice of people who haven’t done it and aren’t successful or you can reach out directly to the ones who are where you want to be.


At Wealthy Affiliate, you have direct access to communication with any member of the community anytime. If you have a question about the training you can approach your teacher.


Many times I have found myself confused or needing help on something so I reach out to others in the community that can answer my question. I love this feature. Included with your help center is a live community chat and 24-hour tech support. This is awesome because no matter what time is best for you to learn you can be confident that you will get the support you need. When you become a member at Wealthy Affiliate your not alone in the journey.



For Less Than The Cost Of A Cheap Meal For 2 You Can Get Access

To Everything You Need Inside Of The Premium Membership


One thing that really attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate, in the beginning, was the price. Not to sound cheap because I am not really. I prefer the term selective… With what I spend my money on.


After all. Why pay more when you can pay less with certain things right?


I was already interested in online marketing but many other programs carried an expensive price tag along with overhead and ad spend. Wealthy affiliate focuses on organic traffic through keyword research, not expensive paid ads.

Everything you need to be successful is included in your membership, where you can register up to 10 domains with keyword research tools included so you don’t have to worry about the headache of separate services and accounts.


Hosting and keyword research tools can cost you $30 and up without a training membership. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get it all in addition to the training and community for just $50.00. If you go yearly you cut the price in half at just $25 a month to save even more. The value that is provided at WA is unbelievable and It’s something that can’t be found anywhere else.


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When Can You Expect To Make Money


Wealthy Affiliate can teach you a lot about patients, determination, hard work, listening, and applying what you have learned. The faster you can do those things correctly…. depends on how fast you can make money.


There is nothing worth having that comes free in life and if you have no experience you should expect to put in work. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer to that question.


When I started my online journey I always knew I wanted some kind of business But I didn’t quite know what owning a business meant for myself or how to do that successfully. It took time before I started making any money… But I was determined to learn.


Are you willing to push through the pain when things get rough? To work without an immediate payoff? If the answer is no then I wouldn’t recommend this university for you, but if you have a vision and faith and are willing to put in the work You can reap the massive benefits. Just keep going…


There will be days when things get rough and you consider quitting but you have to keep going.


So when you want to know how long it takes to make money just remember.


Your success isn’t dependent on anyone else. If you want to see any success from Wealthy Affiliate it will depend on the work that YOU put in.


Don’t be like A man standing in front of a fire pit saying give me heat before putting the wood in…



The Wealthy Affiliate University Review:

My Final Opinion + Special Bonus


It has been 2 years since I made the decision to join The Wealthy Affiliate University. What does life look like now you might ask? At this point, I can confidently say I’m living my best life, but even my journey now is just the beginning. The vision for my life and business used to be fuzzy and day by day it’s growing clear.


As I type these words sitting by the fire in my new luxury apartment of 2 weeks, I can’t help but be thankful for the experience.

I’m finally self-employed, and it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for god, the knowledge I learned through Wealthy Affiliate, and the support I received through loved ones.


I still have a lot of work to do but I think it’s important to celebrate each small success. One day to reach this point was just a dream. But dreams are meant to be turned into realities. I am extremely grateful and humbled by this moment.



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Joining  Wealthy Affiliate is a choice I don’t regret looking back. It continues to change the course of my life. The experiences, knowledge, and community has equipped me with skills for a lifetime as well as made me a valuable asset to any employer.

As far as the employer goes I guess it’s good to know you have a backup.


But as for myself,  I’m only moving forward without looking back.


If you dream of having an online business at any capacity you should know that is possible for you too if you can envision it for yourself because all things are possible to those that believe. Wealthy affiliate is changing lives. Now it’s my life goal to help others achieve the same freedom.


If you’re interested in communicating with me directly for coaching in building your online business at Wealthy Affiliate click the link below for your free $0 starter membership. If the link is still up that means the course is still active but only for a limited time.






How To Claim Your Bonus:

When you join your free starter membership I’m going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a premium member in the first 7 days. Including a special 59% discount when you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate.

I will be personally contacting you with my hello and giving you some more information about Wealthy Affiliate, how to get help from me and how to claim your bonus.


Trust me, this community can change your life but the road to change starts with action.


Are you ready to kickstart your journey?


If so I look forward to seeing you in the training!


Mathew 7:7 “Keep on asking and it will be given, keep on seeking and you will find, Keep on knocking and it will be opened to you. For everyone asking receives, and everyone seeking finds, and to everyone knocking it will be opened.”



See you in the next article! 🙂


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