What Motivates You To Succeed the 4 m’s of motivation


Is there a special ingredient others have to be successful?


Are you working towards an important goal or special achievement?


If so it’s good to remember that even the highest achievers in life have to find the motivation within to carry on when things get tough. Do you know what motivates you to succeed?


In Today’s article we will be discussing the 4 m’s of motivation and how recognizing them can give you the massive push to remember your purpose in life.


What Motivates You To Succeed When No-one Else Will


what motivates you to succeed

“I vividly remember times in my business working 10 hour nights till sunrise and mid-morning.

Many times I would start to feel burnt out and look at my phone through my large list of contacts.

Yet I didn’t have one friend I could call for support. Any support that was offered was to deter me from my passion…



So instead I looked to the internet to connect with other like-minded individuals. 

But the one person I did have was my sister. She always had a good word to say for me when we talked. She was my biggest fan… Shout out to my sister Karen!.”


You too may have a similar story with others in your life.


The sad truth is that many people we care about aren’t gonna support our passion or business goals. Some may even try to purposely discourage you.


It’s easy to have motivation or support when you have a group of people, friends or family cheering you on.


But what about when the party leaves?


What if you have no one by your side and it’s just you alone with your thoughts and dreams?


It’s easy to start questioning your purpose. That’s when a greater force from within has to drive you.


Anyone who has ever accomplished something great in life has something that motivates them.
Great accomplishments have reason and purpose. I was first introduced to this concept of the 4 m’s of motivation by Tai Lopez and it made so much sense to me I was inspired to write an article of my own about the subject.



If we take a look back into history both past and present it shows us many examples of great leaders.


Here’s a look at 3 short examples of great leaders in our day.


#1. Oprah Winfrey: Many people today cannot say they have had to deal with
such an unfortunate rough upbringing as Oprah Winfrey. Her journey was long and difficult.


Despite all the negative circumstances that happened in her life when she had every reason to give up and stop fighting for her success she used it as motivation to push through. Now she is recognized as one of the most powerful influential women today.


#2. Jeff Bezos: The creator of amazon. He paved the way for the e- com and tech industry.

There are many successful companies today that are profiting from these platforms including myself and it wouldn’t be possible without the man who adopted the vision.



#3. Logan Paul: If you are apart of the Logang then there is nothing more to be said here. If you
do happen to live under a rock however, Logan Paul is one of the biggest YouTube entertainers in history.

He records funny videos surrounded around his life and has gained a following of over 18 million on a single platform.


All 3 of these leaders have very different backgrounds. Yet despite that, they were still able to accomplish
such great feats. Although their reasons for motivation could be very different. Motivation is the common
denominator of them all to allow them to achieve such great heights.


Without motivation life becomes dull. Tasks become empty and meaningless and if you don’t
have a reason to be doing what you’re doing you can quickly find yourself caught in the drift
of an endless tide going nowhere.


The 4 ms of motivation are 4 reasons that are the driving force behind why humans do what we do.
Below we will break down these reasons and I encourage you to be honest with yourself and see which
2 have the biggest impact on your life right now.



It’s only once you understand what motives you to succeed that you can then use it as a driving force
for your goals in life.


#1. Material- Money Motivated


We have all seen it. The flashes of the benjamins. The cars and nice things.
There are some people in life that are truly money motivated. I certainly cannot speak
for everyone but with a lot of money most likely comes a lot of material possessions.


Money cannot buy happiness but it certainly can buy everything else.
Now before you think that this is something you don’t want to be associated with because your
not materialistic remember that there is nothing wrong with this being a driving force in your life.


Having more money means more options. A better lifestyle for you and the people you care about.
If you want to help more people you need more money. The more money you have the more people
you can help. The presence of money has the power to change lives.


It all depends on how you use that power.


#2 Mating- Motivated By Relationships and Love


When you close your eyes and think about giving up. Is there anyone in particular you visualize that motivates you to succeed? Maybe you’re doing what you’re doing for your family, for your parents, or the love of your life.


Taking care of these people gives you the burning desire to push harder in everything you do. When they hurt you hurt and you want to be the supporter and caretaker. At the end of the day, you do what you do because of the ones that you love.


#3. Momentum- Freedom Motivates You To Succeed


Life will force you to do some things you don’t want to if you don’t stand up and make a decision. You can easily find yourself Working jobs that you don’t want to work. Being around people that are not a positive force in your life for growth. Even living in living conditions that don’t make you happy.



Maybe you are stepping up and making a decision because you have decided that you aren’t going to accept anything less for yourself any longer. That you will not work a job that makes you miserable every day. You want to buy what you want, eat when you want, work when you want.


Having the freedom to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it is empowering. Having that freedom of choice in your life is what keeps you going.


#4. Mastery- Motivated By Power and Recognition


People know who you are. You have inspired or will inspire many people in this world.
You are recognized for countless achievements and wherever you go others know that you’re there.
Craving the spotlight is a motivating factor for many people.


In Tai Lopez interview with Logan Paul, he revealed that power and recognition is a powerful
motivating factor for him in his life. He enjoys being known and the attention and paparazzi
that go along with recognition.


An Important Lesson On Motivation


What lesson can you apply to your life after learning the 4 ms of motivation if you’re feeling down and need a push?


Truth is no matter what motivates you to succeed in life. All motivations start from within.


Success starts with you and the mindset of faith.


We all have the power to control our minds and push ourselves to great heights
despite any circumstance. Some of the greatest leaders in history remind us of that through their stories and examples of perseverance.


Each and every one of us has our own unique story/style that sets us apart from the crowd. Choose to embrace your power and choose to not accept anything less for your life. Make the decision today that nothing will stand in the way of you achieving your goal.


If YOU can see it know that YOU can achieve it! All you need is a purpose and faith.


So the next time you ask yourself what motivates you to succeed remember that all motivation starts with YOU!










So there you have it ladies and gentleman What Motivates You To Succeed- The 4 M’s Of Motivation.
As always if you have any questions or concerns about Today’s article please leave them below as comments and
questions are always welcome in the discussion.



See you on the next article! 🙂





  • Michel says:

    I would say for me it is the freedom that motivates me to get going each day. I would love to have the luxury of choice. If I don’t feel like working, I want to have the choice. The only way you can achieve this is to have enough resources that can tide you over. 

    It’s also the freedom of being able to go places and not worry about money issues. This is enough to motivate me to work hard and save towards my future, as I know that once you have a decent amount of wealth accumulated, then that wealth can work for you.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you Michel. There is nothing like having the freedom to choose how you spend your time. That is a big motivating factor for myself as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the article.

  • Nate MC says:

    I agree with your list of 4 M’s, and to an extent I agree that the more money you have, the more people you’re able to help. And freedom is another huge motivator for people. Having the freedom to do what you want and not answer to a boss is a major motivator.

    • Thats for sure Nate! Having more freedom is always a great thing. One of my favorite parts of not having a boss. Thanks for stopping by and reading the article.

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