What They Don’t Tell You About Building an Online Business

“It will be easy they said. You will have more time they said…”


Many people claim to want to work from home. But working from home can paint a false image of a life through rose-colored glasses. Working from home is a beautiful thing but it may not be the right opportunity for every individual.


Is the grass greener on the other side? Find out in today’s article 4 Secrets To Building an Online Business.


 What They Should Tell You About Building An Online Business:


picture of a lambo and the image associated in having your own online business

“The Image of Success in online business.”

Building an online business takes hard work and dedication.

If you’re anything like me every time you open up YouTube or Facebook you may get bombarded with ads in your news feeds offering you different opportunities to start making money online.


Showing you pictures of beautiful homes by the beach and luxury cars. Painting a picture of the ultimate lifestyle.


These ads encourage you to follow this simple 3-step plan that only takes 60 seconds! Or check out this free webinar about this now!!! Before time runs out! Making you feel like you must click now or you will miss out on the opportunity forever!!


Everyone claims to have the golden ticket to the lifestyle that you want.
Where I come from we call that shiny object syndrome…


Everyone is flashing their shiny objects to attract any and everyone that they can. Giving the impression that success is easily
attainable. Well I’m not a fan of that kind of marketing as it makes others believe they can get something for nothing.


Through my marketing journey, I have learned that everything takes hard work and dedication. My purpose in writing this
article isn’t to tell you how easy it will be building an online business. Rather, the purpose of this article is to remind anyone who needs extra motivation to keep pushing for your dreams!

Truth is the road ahead is not an easy one to take. But the journey is worth it.


As I always say if you can visualize it for yourself then it’s possible for you. Every great invention started with an idea or a vision.
Having your own business will give you more time and freedom in life but don’t forget it will take work.


Below are some things that can do to make it easier on your journey.


#2.The Importance of Personal Development and Discipline:

Building an online business from home like any profession has it’s ups and downs. When you get started it will be helpful to develop a routine of discipline and personal development. After all, you have access to your bed anytime and many other distractions at home. You won’t have a boss anymore breathing down your neck telling you to get this project or that project done who is gonna care if you don’t.


Now I won’t go as far to say that you must wake up at a certain time or that you must eat a certain food studies have shown these really have little to do with one’s success. But the common ingredient that all successful people have is taking action. You will have to be self driven, self-motivated. Even when no one else believes in you but yourself.


There may be times when you may feel like you are all alone in your business. All alone with your dreams and goals. No matter how alone you feel YOU have to be the one to carry on when times get tough. You have to be the one to push yourself no matter what obstacle comes your way. And you have to be the one to take responsibility for your actions.


Personal development can help strengthen your mindset. Keeping you strong and motivated in your journey.


#3. The Power In Having A Definite Goal And Purpose:

Building an online business lucky feather

What is Your Burning Desire?


It wasn’t until reading one of my favorite personal development books that emphasized the importance of having a definite goal that I started seeing a dramatic change in my life.


Whether it’s your personal life or your business the book suggested writing down your ultimate purpose and repeating the affirmation several times daily out loud.


This may sound strange but by doing this you’re doing an exercise called autosuggestion and it has a powerful influence on the actions of your sub-conscience mind and what you believe. The truth is our minds are like information resource centers. Whatever you feed it in the input it will produce an output.


No wonder we often pick up habits of others were closely associated with. Just as a crop will produce any seed that is planted our mind works the same way.


If you sow fertile seeds the harvest will be fertile if you sow destructive seeds the result will be catastrophic. Always be aware of what you’re feeding your mind and encourage positive self-talk.




#4. Streamline Your Projects

It’s easy to get caught up in tasks that can slow you down. When you’re a one person show you can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Instead of getting overwhelmed ask yourself what are the most important things you should be doing to keep your business growing each day?

Do you know what your strengths are?

Focusing on your strengths and being aware when you’re wasting time on tasks that don’t have the greatest benefit for your company can increase RoI immensely on your business moving forward.

What do I mean by this?

Spend the most time in your business doing the most important things that you are good at. As you gain more skills and scale your business you can outsource the smaller tasks to others. Your time is valuable so focus it on areas that are the most important for your business.



#5. The Learning Never Ends After Building an Online Business:

Some people think that building an online business is the end of the journey but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some believe having the money, having the nice cars, is what success is. Truth is having those material possessions are the result of success.


The things that are worth having in life never come easy.


Success starts from within and is a result of many things including discipline, hard work, and a never ending hunger for learning. So even when your finished with certain projects in your business, always ask yourself what’s next. Never forget to continue sharpening your axe by expanding on that knowledge and specializing in your field. Even the best in the world never stop learning. That’s how they become the best.


Remember the power of autosuggestion and apply it in your life every day…


If you believe in yourself and take action. It is not a matter of if the harvest will come for you it’s a matter of when.

Don’t ever stop believing in yourself or your vision.









So there you have it ladies and gentleman 4 Secrets to Building an Online Business. As always if you have any questions or concerns about Today’s article please leave them below as comments and questions are always welcome in the discussion.


See you on the next article! 🙂


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  • Fabio says:

    It is the truth, everybody would like to work from home. but nobody says to you how much passion and work you have to dedicate before to get the success. In my opinion: goal, purpose and of course dedication are the best words to describe this fantastic challenge. As I work from home as well, I use to say to my clients that passion of something is the key to get success, but it is not enough. Discipline and target is very important, concentrating on something without spending own energy everywhere.

    • Hey there Fabio. I agree with you completely. Unfortunately hard work alone is not the only thing that guarantees success. Using that hard work and directing it towards a worth while and worthy goal. Or as you said target is very important. You cant hit the target if you don’t aim at the target at all. Thank you for stopping by and reading the article!

  • Pete Lay says:

    Some great points you raise here Karrerah; I have been working from home for many years and have still not mastered the self discipline aspect, or rather my wife hasn’t. Because I am physically in the house every day she feels it’s OK to walk in and start talking to me about things that need doing in the house, the weather or anything and me pointing out to her that I’m working is met with a scowl which means I then feel forced to engage with her so that’s were my lack of self discipline comes in.

    Auto suggestion is a great tool which I am aware of as I do a lot of research on the topic of working from home and like you have read it many times in some of my favourite books and yet still I’m not doing it! Sat at my desk, as I am now, I can reach into my desk drawers and pull out a self affirmation message that has been there for months and I have read but a few times, these messages are powerful but you must make using them a habit and part of your morning ritual to give them the chance to work their magic. Many thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey there Pete! No problem at all. I understand what you mean totally. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit reading your comment about your wife at home. Working from home definitely presents a new set of challenges that are un relatable to some that work a traditional 9 to 5. Its hard for some to understand that working from home is a real business like anything else. I continue to go through that with others that the topic of working from home seems completely foreign. Im also happy to hear you enjoyed the topic on autosuggestion. It really is a powerful thing. Well… They say It takes 30 days to form a habit. Its never too late to start today right? 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the post!

  • Hi there. Just a thought of something else very few people tell you about online businesses and that is you don’t start making money right away. Sometimes it can take months of hard work and sometimes a few weeks. It all depends on how you prioritize you tasks and your days. But I must say Kyle and Carson are bluntly honest about that.

    • Hey there Sharon! Your right about that. I agree that Anything worth having in life takes work. Affiliate marketing should be looked at as a long term strategy for making money online rather than a quick money making option. What comes quickly usually isn’t sustainable and thizzles out quickly as well.
      Thank you for stopping by and reading the article.

  • Jay says:

    It is unfortunate but the truth is that a lot of people are drawn into online business because they feel it is easy to do and they would be making a lot of money in no time. It is a tactic used by marketers and it is very much far from the truth. To turn an online business into a full-time income would require a level of hard work unless of course you are willing to take the risky part which involves the spending of money to make your business grow faster.

    This is obviously a good method but is not natural and besides not a lot of people are willing to take this part because it is risky and involves money. Building a business online the natural way takes quite some time to develop before it can become a business to be entirely proud of.

    It is very much achievable but would require a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

  • Hey there Jay. I agree with you on that for sure. Definitely a case of using shiny object syndrome. The best investment I believe one could make for themselves is the investment in themselves and the pursuit of knowledge to help them achieve whatever that goal is. We can only reap the benefits after paying the price.

    Thank you for stopping by and reading the article!

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