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4 Easy Steps In Starting An Online Business

The things that are worth having in life never come easy. But that shouldn’t mean things have to be difficult. Sometimes all you need is some guidance before your well on your way.


If you have been thinking of building an online business now has never been a better time to start. In Today’s article we will be discussing 4 easy steps in starting an online business.


#1. The foundation – Your Website


first steps in starting an online business your website photoIn our digital world, it’s important for any business to have an online presence today. As of 2019, the world’s population is roughly 7.6 billion people with over 4.1 billion internet users alone.


Statistics show that 4 out of every 10 purchases in the world are made using an online channel. With digital products and online stores being on the rise 46% of small business owners still do not have a website.


If you don’t have a website for your business there’s no doubt that you could be literally throwing money down the drain to all your competitors But the good part about it is that knowing these numbers means you still have an opportunity to capitalize on the online opportunity because there’s money to be made. And it’s happening every day.


Today there are many ways to go about creating a website. Back in the day if you wanted to build a website the only way was to code it yourself and have computer knowledge which was very time-consuming.


Fortunately now its possible to have a website without having any experience coding. One common way is with a content management system. An example of this would be using software like WordPress or Joomla.


If you don’t have any experience with this software it’s good to check out YouTube videos or a course to teach you the basics. although you can find out how to do anything online on your own the time spent with trial and error can be dramatically reduced if you take the time to learn the concepts and go from there.


If you aren’t familiar with content management systems don’t worry there are still ways you can build your website through simple drag and drop interfaces like Clickfunnels.


There you can create custom landing pages and sales funnels in mins without any technical knowledge or background. Beware that this software costs the most money and starts at $97 dollars a month or $250 dollars a month.



#2. Understanding Keyword Research And How To Get Ranked


Content for your website is the backbone of your business. Once you have your website up it’s important to build content for your site incorporating keywords in your articles.


The more you create articles based around keywords that help solve your audience’s problems the more people you will attract that are interested in reading your content. The more content you create the higher you will rank in google. Leading to the possibility of first-page rankings.



There is no one technique alone for using keyword research which is why it’s good to really understand this method before using it. By using combined techniques you can and will start to gain more traffic to your website.


For additional information on keyword research in SEO CLICK HERE FOR 4 SECRETS TO MAXIMIZE SUCCESS.



 #3. Gaining Traffic


steps in starting an online business gaining traffic photo of metricsKeyword research is a powerful way to build a stream of free traffic to your website without spending money on expensive advertising. This is a great way to scale your business with less risk.


Having organic traffic (Visitors your arent paying for) to your website is the result of proper keyword research. In marketing having customers walk through your online doors is one of the most important parts of business.


The more you continue to build valuable content around proper keyword research your visitors will increase, your brand awareness will increase and your customer base will start to gain traction over time.


This is a snowball effect and it takes time. Many times you will be in the building phase for what could seem like a long time before you start seeing results with traffic and making sales.


Building an online business is a long-term investment. Each day you are adding and building to your online investment. Don’t expect a payoff overnight.


This is probably one of the biggest reasons others are not successful in affiliate marketing. It takes time to see results.


Knowing this and remembering this can really help when you get discouraged.



#4. Monetizing That Traffic And Earning Revenue


Because of all of your hard work you now have a website that has become an authority and has turned into a business and brand.

You will have a consistent flow of traffic for free without paying for expensive ads.


You’re getting thousands of visitors per day. Now that you have an audience interested in your content you have the opportunity to gain revenue by placing relevant products and offers within your content to earn revenue.


Just imagine having thousands of visitors per month visiting your website, reading your content. All without paid advertising.


By placing relevant products/offers with relevant content naturally, a percentage of your visitors are going to turn into conversions. Resulting in endless income opportunities for your business.

The only way to go from here to keep scaling is up! 🙂



Affiliate marketing is still one of the most lucrative ways to make money online today. With time and effort, the reward far outweighs the struggle. If you are new to affiliate marketing I hope these 4 easy steps in starting an online business can help you in your journey.


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There will be some good days and there will be some bad days but the most important this is that you keep going. Even the most successful affiliate marketers were once new.


It will take money to fund your business and your mistakes but as long as you keep learning and know where you want to be with your business you are halfway there to success. So stay the course with your business, your dreams, and have faith. Eventually, with your hard work, you will reach your goal!


As always if you have any questions or concerns about Today’s article please leave them below as comments and questions are always welcome in the discussion.


See you in the next article! 🙂



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