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What Is Keyword Research In Seo And 4 Secrets To Maximizing Success

What Is Keyword Research In Seo Overview:


Keyword research is a method of driving organic traffic online by using keyword research tools.


Keyword research tools help you identify popular terms that people are searching for online.


For example chances are your reading this article right now because you typed in information about keyword research in SEO in the search engine and just like that you found this article in google or perhaps you’re visiting from social media.


If you know what your audience is searching for online you can create content tailored to solve your customers problems. That way instead of desperately searching for any customer to find you, you’re attracting customers that are interested in your products specifically. Aka your dream customers. There are several ways to drive traffic to a website but doing so through keyword research is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic without spending money on expensive ads or using social media.


So what are some ways to get started using keyword research and how can using it improve your overall business?



Find out in Today’s article…


#1 Find A Trusted Source To Learn Keyword Research:


Before you can use keyword research you must first learn how to use it effectively. Learning the concepts can take a little bit of time. There are many great places you can learn the topic. I learned all about keyword research through Wealthy Affiliate. An online Marketing university that teaches you the ins and outs of online business.


I recommend this platform to any marketers. Where you decide to learn this is entirely up to you but if you don’t already know keyword research it will be necessary to use it effectively in your content.  Below Is a secret to one of the best places I know to learn about organic traffic online today.








#2What Is Keyword Research In Seo Overview- Start With A Good Keyword Research Tool:


There are many keyword tools out there but the one I started with and currently use is Jaaxy. This is the only one I will be recommending because it’s the one I have experience with, and Im comfortable with the platform.


You can get if for $19.00 a month with all the bells and whistles or if your a member of the wealthy affiliate community you can get your keyword tool included for FREE.


When using Jaaxy you can type in keywords for any niche. A keyword research tool will show you important information about your topic like how many monthly searches a keyword gets as well as how many competing pages are on google. This is very helpful so you can STRATEGICALLY plan your articles to rank.


Below is an example of entering the how to lose weight keyword in Jaaxy



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You can also use a cool feature called site rank that shows you exactly where and what page your content ranks on in google. Jaaxy also comes with alphabet soup will help to give you writing ideas.


I love how the platform comes with everything I need in once place. All of these features will be really useful in your keyword research.





#3. Get Your Content GOOGLE Ranked:


The more you start basing your content around high-ranking keywords your content it will get indexed and ranked into Google and other search engines. The higher the rank the closer you are to having your content on the first page of google. This is a huge accomplishment! As you continue to create content your rank will climb Eventually becoming an authority in your niche.


Google only ranks sites as authority sites after they have proven that they can provide helpful content. As you become an authority site you will gain more trust by others. The more trust you can build with others the better overall brand reputation you will have for your business.




#4. Good Keyword Research Means Better ROI:


Naturally, we can be suspicious human beings. I personally don’t buy from sources I don’t recognize or am familiar with online. I buy from amazon because I’m comfortable with them and other sites I’ve come to trust.


Now that your website has started to build trust and gain a following your website is becoming a business and brand.

People trust you and like you. Naturally, you will start having more conversions as a result. The more people you can reach and solve their problem the higher opportunity you have to make more money online.



For example, lets just say your writing an article about weight loss that gets over 200 monthly searches and has very low competition. ( you will know it’s searches and comp by entering the keyword in the keyword tool) with proper keyword research you can have a high chance of ranking on the first page. Now if you’re on the first page of Google wouldn’t it be safe to say a percentage of those 200 people searching per month are going to land on your website?


Naturally, a percentage of your visitors are going to convert.


Now what if you did this for multiple pages?


Just imagine having your content on the first page of Google with hundreds of people stopping by your web page monthly without spending any money on ad spend. A site with multiple pages can add up very quickly with traffic. That is the power of organic traffic. Consider it free advertising aside from your monthly service fee.




Driving traffic is key in business and an important part of internet marketing. Without customers, no business will stay in business for long. As digital marketers, it’s our job to do that effectively.


Keyword research in SEO is one of the most powerful low-cost strategies to generating consistent free traffic online.


So whether you use Facebook ads, or social media for generating traffic, It’s never too late to take advantage and start incorporating keyword research in addition to your current techniques to drive the maximum traffic for your online business.



It can be well worth it long term in the end.


As always if you have any questions about Today’s article please leave them below as comments and questions are always welcome in the discussion.


See you on the next article! 🙂




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