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Lyft Driver Testimonials Review What You Can Expect Driving For Lyft

Lyft Driver Testimonials Review – (California) Overview


You keep working your job. Because it pays the bills. You may hate your boss but you’re doing what you have to do to make it through each day.


You may spend your time searching online for a better way to improve your life. To save up for something that is gonna truly propel you to the next step.


The thought of going in for a series of interviews for a new job that you’re not passionate about can be disheartening. I totally understand your position because I have done it too many times.


Jobs are a great thing to have but if you lost your job tomorrow would you have a safety net to pay the bills without disrupting your life?

Well if your answer is no I’m here to tell you. There is another way.


Lyft may not have a future as a career but it will add an additional source of income in anyone’s life who needs it and for some, it can be a temporary sole source.


Here at Inspire Designz I took to the streets of California to see what the experience was all about and just how much you can make. Today Im here to bring you my results.


What does it take to get started and what can you really expect driving for Lyft? Find out in Today’s Lyft Driver Testimonials Review.




Getting Started With Lyft

After making the decision to try Lyft, I downloaded the app and filled out my information. In order to drive your car it has to be a 2006 or higher. I didn’t rent but if you don’t have a Lyft approved car you may want to consider renting it weekly if that’s the best option for you.


It will take a few days for your information to be processed in the system so it’s good to expect a few days delay. I had some problems with the system and it wouldn’t take my photos or documents so my process was delayed by an extra week. During this time I spent some time watching YouTube videos on what to expect.


After seeing some videos of bad Lyft customers I was a bit turned off by the idea of driving out of fear. But I decided to stay the course. Surely every customer cannot be that bad… At least that’s what I hoped.


After a week and a half, my paperwork was finally approved.


The next step in the process was getting my vehicle Lyft approved. You will have to take your car to any of Lyft’s mechanics to pass an inspection. As a heads up the inspection will cost you some money. Unfortunately, Lyft doesn’t specify this. When I got my inspection I wasn’t expecting to come out-of-pocket so it’s good to keep this is mind. The price may vary in your area but since I’m from California my inspection was $39.99.



Upload driver photo And Information

Lyft is very strict about driver photos and insurance documents. Failing to provide any of this information correctly will result in delays. Lyft will require a front-facing photo.


No hats, no sunglasses, nothing that covers the front view of your face. When I smile I love to take pictures at an angle. So unfortunately for me I went through about 5 denied photos before I got with the program. It can be a little annoying but not fighting this and doing it the right from the start can go a long way.



Time To Hit The Road:

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After everything checks out in the app and with your vehicle inspection it will be time to hit the road. Before doing so it’s good to make sure your car is clean and fresh and smelling good.


Common sense things I won’t elaborate on too much here as most people know what clean means.  Failing to care about the cleanliness of your car will result in low driver ratings. Low ratings can and will result in your account being deactivated.


Once you turn on the Lyft application you will be on active duty so it’s good to wait till your ready to start before turning it on. Otherwise, you could get a request when you’re not exactly ready. Too many missed requests can bring down your acceptance rate in the app. Lyft expects drivers to keep a reasonably high acceptance rate so this is good to keep in mind.


Not every area is the same when you’re driving for Lyft. Some cities and towns are slower and some areas are hot zones. It’s a good idea to check the map and see were the best place and time to drive is in your town.


What I love about the app is it comes with insights to see when the best place to drive is in your city so you can go out knowing what to expect.


My very first drive was early in the day around 2 pm. When the requests were low but my desire was high to see what this was all about. I figured I would do a few practice rides and start a full 4-hour shift the following day. I was a little nervous and drove to the mall. I figured it was a high-traffic area turned on the app and waited.


It wasn’t more than 2 mins and I got my first ping. To pick up a customer downtown. I drove to the destination where 2 girls were waiting for pickup.


So far everything seemed normal…


It was at a burger joint and the drop-off was 4 min away. The customers got in. They were very friendly and before I knew it they were dropped off. They tipped me $5 bucks while getting out of the car.



I looked at my app and made 10 bucks in 5 mins. I was a little surprised. It was the easiest 15 bucks I ever made but surely there has to be more to it I thought…


There is no way it can be this easy.


Then I got another ping.


To pick up a passenger that was 6 min away. Just like the first passengers he was very friendly and we briefly talked about our lives. Just before I knew it was time to drop him off. I continued to do this with several others for the next few hours I looked into my earnings and I had already made $60 bucks.


Hmm… I was starting to kinda like the Idea.


I was still a little nervous and turned off the app. Tomorrow I was prepared to see just how much I could make in 4 hours.




Drive On Your Own Time You Are In Control

I decided to head out again on a Friday night. I drove between the hours of 9pm to 1am. Not because I had a death wish but because it was the best time to make the most money. I was a little scared but since some experiences in life I have learned to not live my life by fear. I made sure my dash cam was ready, brought my weapons and I was ready to go.


Now with a little experience under my belt I was feeling more confident to do this. I gave myself the pep talk. I started my playlist on Pandora. Got the heat going and made the setting comfortable… Then I turned on the app.


Lyft has a few safety features that can really help new drivers on the road. Most customers are encouraged to have a profile picture and all customers like drivers have ratings out of 5 stars.


Most customers don’t know they have ratings but drivers can see it before they accept a ride request.

As a personal safety measure I don’t pick up anyone with anything less than a 4.8 rating. There were also areas I made sure to not drive to at night.


I had 8 rides and they went pretty well. Most being under 15 mins.


After 4 hours of driving I was time to see just how much I had made. I had 30 bucks in cash tips and opened up the app. Below will be a screenshot of what I made without cash tips.




lyft driver testimonials review driver earnings photo


For the most part my experience driving was cool I met some very cool people and I learned that there is a whole world of ridesharing going on at night.


The benefit of night driving is that there is no traffic and it was easy to get from one place to the next. So if you are a night owl by nature and don’t like dealing with traffic you will be just about the only one of few cars on the road. If you can get a dash cam I highly recommend it for safety and it can also really help you out in case there are every any questions about a ride.


Just because I drove at night I am not recommending that everyone do this. You should drive at the time your comfortable driving and always be aware of the dangers.


With Lyft it’s your car your rules. You have the ability to cancel or end a trip at any time. I would suggest to any female drivers to always make eye contact with any passenger getting in your car. You have the right to keep the doors locked or to even end the trip before it starts if you feel unsafe for any reason.


With Lyft everything is digitally tracked. It can be scary allowing someone else in your personal space but what I learned from my experience is that overall people are generally good.





Get Paid When You Want To

Lyft recently added a new feature called express pay that is worth taking advantage of. For 0.50 cents you can get paid in 24 hours. So if you had a great weekend and don’t feel like waiting for your money it can be in your checking account by tomorrow. I love this feature and I used it often.




Meet Awesome People

Despite the horror stories you see on YouTube about Lyft there are still good people in the world. I have met some really cool people that have become friends in my life driving on the platform. You never know what you are gonna get with Lyft and you will have some stories to tell.


Like the night everyone sang Mac Drey in the car on their way home from the bar. Or how your new friend passed out in your car mid conversation and her boyfriend had to get her out of the car for you.


I love getting compliments about my music being relaxing or when a customer falls asleep in my car. It tells me that they feel safe and comfortable in my environment and I take pride in knowing I can make others feel this way.


Driving for Lyft is a job for someone that is a people person. It can definitely be awkward having a silent ride with no communication so I recommend you treat people how they want to be treated. Why not greet them by name? Let them know your there for them if they need anything. If you passengers are talkative engage in conversation, if they want to be left alone get them to there destination.


Most customers will follow your lead. Remember you set the tone! Keep your spirit high. Charisma is electric.









The Not So Good Part Of Driving For Lyft


Since you can’t have the good without the bad there are some potentially annoying things about driving for Lyft.


  1. Spending money on gas: This just goes without saying that you will be spending money on gas. I have a hybrid car that gets very good gas mileage. The Lexus CT 200h and I never have to spend more than 10 dollars a day. Sometimes less. To anyone who has a Toyota or a hybrid car you will by far be getting the best mileage in gas.


  1. Lyft Navigation And google maps is not always accurate: Many times I have found myself unsure If I was in front of the location. The navigation does an OK job of telling you about were the location is but I still don’t like how it’s not exactly spot on accurate. There are some ways to get around this.


  1.  Customers are up close and personal: Since you are in a tight space of a car everything is up close and personal. Occasionally you will get customers that smell like they just went to an all you can eat buffet or like they just took a bath with onions. I would recommend keeping your personal hygiene on point and carrying things like mints or gum with you for passengers. Keeping some kind of fresh fragrance with you will also serve you very well.





Lyft Driver Testimonials Conclusion

Ride sharing offers a whole new opportunity for work-life balance to individuals grinding their asses of in a 9 to 5. When you’re working a job you absolutely despise it can push you to make some drastic decisions.


What worked for you one year may not work the next. Managers change, jobs positions change, your attitude about doing what you thought you loved could change.


But one thing that stays consistent in life is the bills that continue to come around month after month on time without delay.


Lyft can provide a great opportunity for that person that welcomes change and is working towards a bigger ultimate goal in life. I completely understand what it is like to hate your job and to be unhappy, desperately searching for any way.


My sole purpose in making this Lyft driver testimonials review is to show you that is possible to make an additional income from these platforms. This experiment was tested in Stockton California were it is not considered to be a high market area like San Fransisco so Imagine the possibilities going to higher market areas or putting in more hours.


The real answer to how much money you make with Lyft really is dependent on you and the hours you put in.


Now you have read my experience I hope that it has given you hope. If it has and if your still reading than the goal of writing this review has been accomplished.


At the end of the day there are alot of obstacles life will try to throw in your way. It’s up to you to not let those obstacles defeat you in whatever you do. Where there is a will there is a way! Don’t ever let a temporary financial set back stop you from achieving your goals.





Now lets go get this bread!!! 🙂



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  • Kinggold19 says:

    This is really cool and interesting in this article review. Making money online through driving is a major thing I can say many would like to do, however, am really fascinated by this. It is really a sure way of making extra income for those that really need extra cash to take care of themselves. Thank you for this useful review. Thank you.

    • Hey there Kinggold19! Im so glad that you found the information useful. Yes its always good to know theres options. Thanks for stopping by and reading the article.

  • Shellykh says:

    Thank you for this informative review. My hisband and I do doordash, a side gig which you deliver the food, so it is much the same as lyft but with people. You made me concider applying for lyft because $100+$30 in cash tip is nice. Most times I get about $80 in 4hours and that includes tip. Im just abit nervous about bring strangers into my car. But I guess in every business there are always risks

    • Hey there Shellykh. Yes Doordash is another good opportunity I have heard of in the rideshare community. Although the payout is a little higher with Lyft, Doorshash is still a great option for others when Lyft may not be available and can be helpful if you wanna take a break transporting people for food.
      I completely understand your nervousness. I felt the exact same way in the beginning which is why I highly recommend a camera of some sort for personal safety if possible. If you do start driving please visit us back and let us know how your experience went. 🙂

  • Paul says:

    Awesome review! It’s good to see that you can make your own rules and quit the ride when you feel uncomfortable. Great tip about getting a dash cam as well.

    I heard that some Uber or Lyft drivers get some resistance from taxi drivers. Have you had any issues or run-ins with taxi drivers?

    Another question I have is related to insurance. Do you have to update to any special insurance policy for driving with Lyft?

    This does look like a good opportunity to make a little money on the side.

    • Hey there Paul. Im glad you enjoyed the article. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues with taxi drivers. I haven’t seen many around in my area. About the insurance thats a great question. Many insurance companies don’t offer rideshare insurance. Theres several known companies that do still provide it though. I was happy to see that I could get rideshare insurance with Allstate and pay less then what I was previously paying with my insurance. I highly recommend checking them out.

  • Marshall says:

    This article is interesting to me, perhaps it’s because it’s all about making money. Hahaha. Your explanation gave a better view of what LYFT is all about. I’ll prefer driving at night as well, once I follow your safety tips, I believe I’ll be fine. In some cases where LYFT navigation is not accurate with Google, overtime I believe one will get familiar with the roads that will make navigation easier. I love this article. Thanks for the heads up. 

    • Hey there Marshall! No problem Im happy I could help give you some insight into what its like driving for Lyft.
      You are right about that. Practice makes perfect! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the article.

  • Gracen says:

    Hello Karrerah, wow, the prospect of being a lyft driver looks great. The amount you made under 4 hours excluding the tips, is very encouraging, and to think that you can actually work when you feel like makes it even more interesting. You painstakingly listed the necessary requirement of becoming a Lyft driver that anybody that wants to get involved with driving for Lyft will not find the process complicated.

    Your tips on cleanliness is on point, as cleanliness is next to godliness.

  • Ayodeji says:

    Great work putting this information up, I’m once an uber driver but I think the packages from lift are great compare to Uber. 

    But no matter how much you’re going to work, be sure to consider the expenses you’re going to incur which are maintenance, gasoline, repairs, insurance, and taxes—and Lyft commission is going to take. Uber maintains 25% of the driver’s tariffs; Lyft takes 20% which is better. I really enjoy this post and the experience shared, I think I’m gonna give it a try based on your info. 

    • Hey there Ayodeji. Yes thats for sure. Its good to keep in mind tho expenses are included in anything we do. I like to make the comparison that with an hourly job, If your commuting there will be expenses. Commute expenses, mileage, oil changes, wear and tear on the vehicle that you aren’t reimbursed for along with medical and state taxes. There are expenses for 1099 and w2 employees. Except expenses for independent contractors can have valuable benefits for tax write offs at the end of the year that w2 employees don’t have. So it can be a nice perk. I wish you the best while driving with Lyft and thank you for reading the article 🙂

  • Steve says:

    I love this article! You kept me interested from beginning to end. Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience with LYFT. I agree that it could be scary allowing someone to enter your personal space, but the passenger rating system seems to be really helpful in alleviating those feelings. It does seem that you can make legitimate money with LYFT. 

    I am wondering, how does the payment system work? Is it like a taxi fair where the longer the ride, the more money you make?

    • Hey Steve! Im happy to hear that. Your very welcome! Yes the payment works in 3 ways. By base, time and distance.
      When the passenger schedules the ride they see an upfront base fair to start the ride based on there destination. If the passenger ads a stop then the original amount is recalculated and they pay based on time and distance of the new location. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Adamuts says:

    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a motivating article. There is nothing sweet like working without supervision and working at your convenience time. This article has shown to me the testimony beside been a Lyft driver and I will love to be doing this on a part time basis either night of weekend, since it involves money, it’s making sense. Thanks for the information and the review. Best regards 

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