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High Ticket Affiliate Programs and 3 Secrets To Maximizing Success


There are many different ways to make money in affiliate marketing. The marketing strategies you use in your online business can make the difference between making $100 dollars a month and $10,000.


High Ticket Affiliate programs Vs Low Ticket Marketing Overview:


In affiliate marketing strategy is everything. How you do anything is how you do everything. Do you want to make the most profit possible in your business? If so it’s time to start implementing some marketing secrets…


What if I were to tell you a secret that could double even triple your sales in one day?


Would you be interested in learning about what that secret was?


In todays article we will be discussing what high ticket affiliate programs are and how you can start using them to earn the highest ROI in your online business.



Let’s get right to it then shall we?



#1. What Are High Ticket Affiliate Programs:

Before diving in to how High Ticket Affiliate Programs can help your online business let’s take a moment to discuss what High ticket affiliate programs are.


When you start promoting different products in your affiliate marketing business there is a certain commission percentage you will get paid from that product. Some common affiliate programs you may be familiar with are Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, and Clickbank. To name a few.


All of these affiliate programs are not the same as they offer different commission percentages for each referral.


For example, lets say you have a fitness website and are promoting a product on amazon associates for fitness equipment below.




high ticket affiliate programs commission structure


The affiliate commission for health and fitness pays a 4.5% commission. Meaning you would make $1.92 cents off that $42 dollar sale. you would have to make over 52 sales just to make 100 dollars. This is what we would call a low-ticket Affiliate program.


Sound like a challenging feat? Although this is very possible to accomplish it would take a lot of work.


Thankfully there is another way.


In order to make more money and sell less products it all has to do with choosing your products carefully.

This is where high-ticket affiliate programs come into play.




#2. Choosing The Right High Ticket Affiliate Products For Your Business:


Now, hopefully, I got your wheels spinning. It’s about time we check out some resources that can earn you the most bang for your buck. Since high ticket affiliate products is all about earning a higher commission percentage let’s check out some of the best affiliate programs for this and see what they offer.


You will want to find a high ticket product related to your niche.

I recommend trying out and studying the products so can accurately represent the products and services your promoting. That way you can also answer any questions related to the product your audience may have.


It’s also a good Idea to spend some time researching popular products. Products your audience is already searching for. That way you aren’t doing the selling. Your offering products that your audience is already searching for and want to buy.


In this example well lets say we have a workout website promoting fitness products. To find the best offer for our website lets head over to clickbank.com

Here at Clickbank. I searched for several fitness products to promote. Below I found the following examples.



High Ticket Affiliate Programs from Click Bank


As we can see the first example above is a body transformation program selling for $62.78. The payout on this sale is 56%. Per sale. For this product, you would make about $35.15  per sale. Not a bad commission payout. But the commissions can get better.


Below is the Mi40x muscle building program that sells for $213.00 with a 75% payout. Paying $159 per sale.

If you were promoting the body transformation program it would take you more than 4 sales to make what you would make with one sell for the Mi40x fitness program.


Now which option sounds better to you selling 1 product and making $159 dollars per sale or selling 5 times as many products to make what you could make selling one product once?


This is just a few examples of high ticket products but the commissions can get bigger. Just imagine the possibilities.

Certainly, in this example, we see that using high ticket affiliate programs just makes good business sense.



#3. Always Choose High Ticket Affiliate Programs:


Now I cannot force you to do anything rather my purpose in creating this article is to help guide you in your journey. Giving you valuable nuggets of information along the way.


Choosing high ticket affiliate programs instead of low ticket can allow you to scale your business quickly. Making the difference between making several hundred dollars per month or thousands in your online business.


So next time you’re searching for affiliate programs in your niche just remember to check the numbers and do your research because not all affiliate programs are created equal. If you want to make the highest ROI In your business Strategy is everything.


When it comes to High or Low ticket affiliate programs choose the high ticket!






So there you have it Ladies and Gentleman. I hope now you have a better understanding of high ticket affiliate programs vs low ticket and how you can use this method to double or triple your online sales.


Using high ticket items allows you to work smarter not harder. So you can earn bigger commissions for all the hard work you put in. After all, that’s part of the reason why you wanted to make income passively right?


By using high ticket affiliate programs you will be well on your way to success.



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See you on the next article! 🙂






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