Supplement Your Income Fast With These Top 4 Ridesharing Apps

Supplement Your Income Fast With These Top 4 Ride sharing Apps

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. We don’t conform to the traditional rules of the 9 to 5 job. We live our lives according to a different playbook. Our own.


Which can make it hard to find a full-time job that will be willing to work around our busy schedules.


If you have found yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. Thankfully, popular ride-sharing platforms have opened up a whole new opportunity for entrepreneurs to supplement your income while following their passion.


So how much can you actually make from these apps and would it be worth walking away from your current employer to pursue your dreams?


Today at inspire were taking a look at 4 of the best ride-sharing apps that give you the highest payout.

So you can have more time freedom to focus on what matters most.



#4. Amazon Flex

Supplement your income: Photo of Amazon box man

So I will start this countdown from the worst to the best so we can save the best for last.


If you like driving in your car but don’t want to transport people or hot food this could be an opportunity for you.

Amazon Flex comes in at number 4 and is a platform I can tell you about well, as I used to be a driver for 6 months in the past.


Amazon Flex has been around for a while now. Basically, flex drivers are independent contractors driving packages around in your personal car delivering them to customers. The job starts at $18.00 – $25.00 an hour depending on weather conditions. The benefit of flex is that it doesn’t matter what your car looks like. As long as it’s a 4 seater and runs your good to go!


It has to at least be a 4 seater because you have to have enough room to carry the packages. There are some things you should keep in mind as a driver with flex.


When you arrive to the amazon station you have different blocks which are slots of time for delivering. For example, you may have 4 hours. 4.5 hours and 6 hour delivery times. These numbers are marked on your package orders. Your not timed on your delivery which is good but you will be expected to be at the location pickup on the GPS coordinates within 5 to 10 min of your shift start time to secure your block and check in at the warehouse.


Otherwise, missed blocks are given to someone else and it goes against your performance rating. 3 bad ratings can lead to deactivation. When I first heard about this it all sounded like an excellent Idea. Although it can be a great additional source of income Here is a look at reality vs expectations to keep in mind.



Expectations: You pick up your packages at the station and quickly start your route.


Reality: Sometimes it can take you 30 min or more to fit packages in your car before you leave the station. This is your loading time


Expectations: You are delivering packages around town to customers.


Reality: You are delivering multiple packages up flights of stars to apartments, houses, and sometimes commercial buildings.


Expectations: Work on your own time with no pressure.


Reality: You will be going to different cities and towns for the most part. Your car will be stuffed to the brim in boxes that are completely out-of-order in SKU. Your gonna have to learn a sorting process that you’re comfortable with.

Usually by alphabetical and numerical order or by street works well and will cut your delivery time in half.

If you have the desire to do this job even after reading this then amazon flex could seriously be for you.



#3. Deliv


After busting your ass with amazon flex you might be looking for something a little less heavy-duty to supplement your income.


What could be better than hauling 50 packages in your car and delivering them? How about not picking up packages, and being compensated for the miles spent on the road? With deliv they take the work of delivering packages in exchange for delivering laundry, clothing, and small shopping items for clients.


Deliv pays $25 an hour and 0.52 cents a mile. Hours are evenly distributed between others in the app. For now at the time of writing this article contractors, cant exceed 20 hours per week. Not bad for an extra 500 dollars a week. There are a few vehicle requirements like picture identification as well as pictures of the outside and inside of your vehicle before you can get started making deliveries.


Deliv is one of the better options if you can get in but the waiting list is high.

My advice is to get in while you can. So far they are only in certain areas of the U.S…

To see if Deliv is available in your city click the link below.






#2. Uber

Uber is similar to Lyft. You can actually switch back and forth from both of these applications if you want during a shift to increase your rides.


Like Lyft your transporting customers to their destination. Except it pays slightly less than Lyft. With Uber customers don’t have the option to tip drivers in the app and Uber takes a slightly higher percentage of the take-home than its competitor Lyft.


For more information on Uber pay click here to be redirected to the site.



#1. Lyft

Supplement your income: Photo of person holding their phone on the lyft app


Lyft takes the number one spot for having the highest income potential in a single app.

Even if you don’t want to drive full time you still have the potential to make some decent money on the side.


What I love about Lyft is that they have insights to help you reach your goal. Whether you’re wanting to make a few hundred bucks a week or a thousand. You can set reminders and plan your route according to the best times to drive.


At prime time hours and surges you have the opportunity to earn up to 30 an hour or more with tips.


Another perk to Lyft is that it’s the only rideshare app that allows customers to tip in the app. This is great and really allows for a better work-life balance as you can plan your schedule without wondering when it will be busy driving from one hot spot to the next.


If you live in some of the busiest spots in California you have an opportunity to turn your vehicle into a cash cow if it’s a year 2006 or higher. In some areas, top drivers are earning over 6 figures a year driving full time. Like LA and San Fransisco.








If you don’t have a car Lyft-approved car they also offer the option of getting a rental at an additional cost per week.

Depending on how much free time you have to drive the earnings can certainly add up.



For additional information about Lyft  CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Lyft website




Ridesharing is changing the way people do business and opening up more options for you to
supplement your income.


No matter what your reason for choosing these jobs, these days it pays to have an extra source of income. It is also an excellent source for funding a business.


So if you find yourself in need of some extra cash for your business or Immediately unemployed check out some of these options as they could prove to be a saving grace for anyone in an emergency.


As a 1099 You will be your own independent contractor and no one will be pushing you to work. So the real question will be how bad you want to make money and if you’re self-motivated.


If you are now has never been a better time to take advantage of these additional sources of income.

So what are you waiting for? Download some of these apps and start making more money today!


Where there’s a will there’s a way!



Interested in more money-making opportunities online? Click the link below for more info.






As always if you have any comments on todays article feel free to leave them below as comments are always welcome in the discussion.



See you in the next article! 🙂








  • Kinggold19 says:

    This is a really wonderful review of the ridesharing article. The world is changing and so do businesses emerge. Driving is now creating jobs for individuals that love working independently and I really like this. All the rideshare apps reviewed here are the better options one can think of when it comes to driving as a source of extra income. Thank you for this helpful review.

    • Hey there Kinggold19. Right on! Im happy to hear you like the article. My goal is to provide you with the best money making opportunities. Thanks for reading the article.

  • Angella says:

    Ridesharing is very beneficial to us all. I love how you’ve layed out the pros and cons of the 4. I do agree that Lyft is the best for employment. In addition, the service is very commendable from the drivers, it’s almost as if there’s a strict training for the drivers.

    It’s a shock that amazon flex is last on the list, but I do understand the analysis. Thanks for that.

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