what is affiliate marketing online

What Is Affiliate Marketing Online


So you’re interested in making some money online? If so affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income. Some claim that you can’t make money in affiliate marketing but that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Affiliate marketing is a booming industry in this generation but to make money in affiliate marketing you have to understand the process rather than spraying affiliate links everywhere and crossing your fingers.


So what is affiliate marketing online and how can you get started?


Find out in today’s article!


What Is Affiliate Marketing Online And How Can You Use It To
Create a Full-Time Income


So what is affiliate marketing and how does it work today?

What do you imagine when you think about running your own online business?

Do you imagine sitting with your laptop by the pool? Maybe your ideal day involves traveling the world with your computer by your side.


For several years I have been obsessed with the laptop lifestyle and making money online. When I first heard of the term affiliate marketing I was instantly attracted to the idea.


I was passionate about the skill of being able to generate money from anywhere in the world with just my mind.

I knew that was the lifestyle I wanted.


What is affiliate marketing online


To those that are searching for financial freedom chances are you have come across the term affiliate marketing.

Many successful online entrepreneurs started with affiliate marketing.


There’s something special about affiliate marketing that connects you to other platforms in online business. After learning affiliate marketing it can be easier to branch off into other fields online.


Now let’s not confuse affiliate marketing with network marketing. There are many differences between the two. Rest assured with affiliate marketing you don’t have to round up all your family and friends to support any of your products.


There are too many people online actively searching for that already.


So what is affiliate marketing online and how does it work? To answer that question let’s take a look and see what the definition of affiliate marketing is…


According to Wikipedia.org the definition of affiliate marketing is as follows:


“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”


With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to own any products or services.


Affiliate marketing is all about referring other businesses products or services to others and receiving a commission for your marketing efforts.

In fact, chances are you have already done affiliate marketing in your life and didn’t realize you were doing it.


Like the time you referred your friends to go try that new restaurant you love, or when you told them about a product you really liked that improved the quality of your life.


Now imagine getting paid for doing that very thing but instead of doing it on accident, you are doing it on purpose online.


As an affiliate marketer, you are serving as the bridge between the customer and seller. Connecting customers to products and services they already know and love. What many are already searching for.


This can have many benefits vs traditional brick and mortar business. With many other business models, you have to worry about sales, product creation, distribution, and customer issues.


With affiliate marketing, you won’t have to see, touch, or purchase products and you won’t be responsible for any shipping or receiving on the purchase end. This is great if you currently don’t have products or services you know of that you can sell for your business.


But what if you do have products that you would like to sell?


You can also create products and get affiliates to promote your products for you. This will give you the highest commission possible in sales. It is always recommended to eventually create your own product for affiliate marketing but until you do that don’t worry there are many products to go around for everyone as an affiliate.



What Affiliate Marketing Products can you Promote as an Affiliate


So what affiliate marketing products are you allowed to use when you get started?


As an affiliate, there are many products to choose from. Just about any product that you can think of. Chances are there is an affiliate program for that.


There are millions of affiliate products online. Ranging from cars, electronics, tech products, digital products and sports just to name a few. If you can think of it chances are there’s an affiliate program for that product and if not there most likely is another product similar.


Some popular affiliate marketing product websites are Amazon Associates, Click Bank, JVZOO, and many others. Let’s take for example one of the largest affiliate programs in the world amazon associates.

Amazon has an affiliate program for each of these categories.


What is affiliate marketing online and how does the pay structure work


As an affiliate, you can refer anyone to any of the products on amazon associates. Each product has a product link that is custom for you so you can easily add affiliate links to your websites and track sales.


Each affiliate program pays differently and you have the opportunity to earn higher commissions on high ticket affiliate offers. Amazon associates is considered a low-ticket affiliate program.


For more information about high-ticket affiliate programs in depth and how you can earn the biggest commissions possible for your website or sales funnel click the link below.



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What Is Affiliate Marketing: How To Start

There are many ways to start affiliate marketing. If you’re strapped on cash YouTube has a great platform for checking out affiliate marketing videos. There you will find different internet gurus teaching different techniques and strategies that worked for them. This is excellent if you want an array of information on the topic.

Topics like creating a website, building a brand, and doing affiliate marketing through other social media platforms like YouTube Facebook and Pinterest But it may not be the best approach for learning it quickly.


As you will be learning from many points of view and the information can be scattered. You will have to navigate through a sea of cyber information finding helpful nuggets along the way.


So how much time do you have to learn?

If you have a lot of time this may be the option for you.

The time it takes is up to you.


But if you’re looking to make money that will replace your job there are better faster ways.


Although the concept of affiliate marketing is very simple, making money in affiliate marketing takes understanding the technique of online marketing not just spraying affiliate links everywhere spamming.


Unfortunately, it is not that simple and that’s what differentiates the ones who think you can’t make money online vs the ones who know you can make money. Putting out as many random affiliate links is a surefire way to get kicked off of platforms and get no results.


So what are some ways you can learn affiliate marketing the right way? We’ll discuss that in-depth below.


Where To Learn The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies:

For The Lowest Price

If you don’t have several years to devote to learning the free way online I would highly recommend taking a course. By taking an affiliate marketing course you’re getting the support, knowledge, and a road map to success from people that have achieved great heights in online business.


I’ve learned not to take advice from people that don’t know anything about what I want to do. This can be one of the biggest distractions and why people quit on the pursuit of their dreams.


Figuring it all out on your own comes with a lot of growing pains and trial and error. Unfortunately a lot of lost money as well. Learning from a mentor and course teaches you techniques and strategies that will help you build your business in a structured way. With results.


I spent many months searching for the best online course for affiliate marketing and I mean months. Googling information, watching YouTube videos, weighing the pros and cons, and reading reviews and I have not been able to find anything that is comparable to the value and support online of what I found.


Are you interested in finding out what that was?

For more information about the secret that changed my life and how it can change yours too. Click the Link Below.







Why Affiliate Marketing Is One Of the Best Passive Income Strategies

In life, there are few things that are truly passive income.

Making money away from your desk. Making money while you sleep. No matter what you want to do during the day you are still making money. That is true passive income.


When it’s passive you aren’t trading time for dollars. And you won’t be getting paid for the work you put into the business Immediately.


But if you stay patient you will reap the harvest.


To me affiliate marketing represents freedom. Freedom that I believe we all have if we make the choice. So what is it that you want with your life?


Is it freedom from your 9-5?


Is it making 100 dollars per day?


Is your goal to create a second income stream?


If so Just know that it’s possible.

People all around the world are doing it and so can you.

All it takes is making a decision and taking action!





So hopefully I have gotten your attention. To a new very real way that you can start making money with affiliate marketing online.


We have covered what is affiliate marketing online, how it works, what affiliate products you can promote as an affiliate, and how to start making money.


I won’t say today because I don’t believe in giving false promises but if you start today and learn the right systems and techniques you will be shaping your life in the near future for success with your online business.


I believe anything that is worth having in life is worth working for. Dreams are meant to be turned into realities.


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that is only expected to grow in the coming years the question is will you be a part of this booming generation?


Imagine creating an income stream from your computer in the comfort of your own home. Being able to finally quit that job that brings you so much unhappiness day after day. Is that something you believe is possible?


If so don’t wait, and take action.


The sooner you start the closer you’ll be to achieving your dreams.


I wish you nothing but success on your journey!



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See you in the next article! 🙂





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